Ways To Make More Time To Travel

If you’re a person who loves to explore what the world has to offer, traveling is a key part of maintaining your overall happiness.  Traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures is an enriching way to spend your time. 

However, it does take time to travel, and time is a hot commodity.  If your travel plans have been stifled due to lack of free time, take just a few minutes to read through some useful ways to make more time for travel now.  

Outsource some of your work

Not everyone can capitalize on this option, but it may be a very helpful suggestion for some.  If you own your own business, you may have trouble getting away due to the heavy workload.  

You can buy yourself some more time by outsourcing elements of your operation.  For instance, a reliable freight handling company could handle the loading and unloading of your products or supplies.  

Also, if you are a start-up or small business, you can outsource other business functions as well, such as customer support, content moderation, sales operation, data entry, etc. You can get such services through company websites such as https://peaksupport.io/services/customer-service/ or look for a local service provider. With the help of business outsourcing, you can reduce some of your burdens and take out time for family, friends, and other activities like traveling.

Stack vacation time 

If you work at a job where you accrue vacation time, see if there’s a way to stack your vacation time more quickly than just simply waiting.  If you can put in a little more work during the day to get more time off faster, it may be worth the effort for the added exploration time. 

Some jobs offer the ability to purchase extra vacation time too.  You should think wisely about the financial investment, but you can simply purchase more time to travel. 

Consider a remote job

If you have a job that you can work from anywhere, it’s much easier to take your work on the road with you.  There’s really a lot of freedom to be found in working a remote position.  

Don’t tie  yourself to an office, when you can work from an island in Fiji instead.  Writing content, creating digital art, teaching English and a long list of clerical work can easily grant you a mobile position.

Enlist the help of family

Sometimes your job isn’t really what’s holding you back from traveling when you want to explore.  Sometimes your family responsibilities will take a chunk of that spare time, leaving you with little or no room for travel. 

If you have the ability, enlist the assistance of extended family to catch a free moment.  Have Grandma watch the kids for a few days while you and your chosen travel mate take a journey. 

Capitalize on three-day weekends

Instead of taking time off of work, take the time off that’s already built into the schedule to go on small adventures. Three day weekends provide ample time to take an overnight trip somewhere closeby. Traveling doesn’t have to take you worlds away from home.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.