Two girls on a mission to step foot in every country around the world, from Aruba to Afghanistan, Switzerland to Saudi Arabia, there’s nowhere that is off limits, and we want you here every step of the way.

We’ve been humbled in Ghana and nearly kidnapped in Turkey (spoiler alert: we actually went to a spa and majorly overreacted), our list of crazy stories were endless so we wanted to share them with the world.

We are Krissy and Alexa, just two law graduates who wanted more than long hours spent in a courtroom, waking up every day to put on a suit and sit in an office. There had to be more to life than working ourselves to death in the same place, just to save up for a two-week holiday once a year.

So we packed our backpacks, hopped on a plane and went to Thailand. We binned our return tickets 10 days in and never came home (well, we did make a flying visit for Christmas, and Krissy’s brother got married and Lord knows you cannot miss a Greek wedding.)

We’ve now visited over 50 countries (and counting!), working our way across the world by any means necessary. We’ve worked on banana plantations, in seedy bars, on market stalls, as cleaners – anything to fund our fun and the journey to the next destination.

It’s not always work (actually it’s hardly ever work), we take treks through mountains, swim in crystal clear waters and explore hidden cities. There’s no life quite like the traveller’s life.

So why ‘Okay Great’? Well, that’s thanks to a bottle of tequila and Alexa’s mumblings about wanting to go everywhere. Trying to nail down some sort of plan for our travels and eliminating countries we didn’t want to visit, every suggestion was met with “Okay, great”. Hey Alexa, want to go to Lesotho? Okay, great. Hey Alexa, shall we visit Japan? Okay, great. Want to sell all our belongings and clothes and join a nudist colony? Okay, great. (Sober Alexa later denied wanting to spend her life naked in the mountains, the case is still ongoing).

We really just want to document our journey and maybe give some inspiration about where to travel and the best places to visit. Travelling can be scary, but the rewards for delving into the unknown, immersing yourself in a different culture and broadening your mind are insurmountable and something we think everyone should do. Let us help you.