What to Do After a Bicycle Crash Accident in Portland?

Bicycles are a cheaper and convenient method of traveling. However, bicycle accidents are rising in the States with the other vehicles on the road. Although bicycles are convenient, they also have minimum safety compared to cars. Getting into a bicycle accident can leave you traumatized and severely injured. 

Many victims are often confused about what their next step should be after getting into a bicycle accident and who will pay for their injuries and the medical bills associated with it. The good news is, just like car accidents claim, you can file a claim and get compensation. If you are confused about your next steps, contact a bicycle crash lawyer in Portland.

What to do after getting into a bicycle accident?

  1. Contact the police and report the accident. 

It does not matter whether a bike, car or someone else hit you. Your accident needs to be reported to the police as you would do with the car accident. Ensure that you keep a copy of the police report with you so that when you file for a claim, the reports will serve as evidence to prove the accident. 

  1. Gather evidence. 

If you are not severely injured, document the accident. Take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, and other potential evidence. Moreover, ensure that you collect evidence as early as possible after the accident and take details of the at-fault party. 

  1. Get medical attention. 

If you are severely injured, it is evident that you will be rushed to paramedics. However, if the injuries are minor, you should still get a diagnosis from a doctor to ensure there is no internal damage. Moreover, follow the doctor’s advice and do not delay the treatment. The insurance company will use it against you to refuse your claim if you do so. 

  1. Report the accident to your insurance company. 

Your insurance company must be aware of the entire scene. Therefore, once you get out of the doctor’s office, report the accident to your insurance company so that they can be prepared with the next steps. 

  1. Talk to a lawyer. 

The insurance company will approach you before you even speak to a lawyer. Remember not to give any statement to your insurance company as it may result in a denied claim. Instead, speak to a personal injury lawyer, perhaps with the help of Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, to build a strong case to present to the insurance company or court.

Lawyers who work with other experts and investigate your case thoroughly and gather adequate evidence of the incident. This helps ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for all the losses (economic and non-economical). In addition, insurance companies can be difficult and delay payment of insurance, which further solidifies the need for a personal injury lawyer. And the lawyer can help protect your rights too.

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