The Top 5 Beach Resorts in the USA

America attracts visitors as a developed country. But the beach resorts of the United States are also worthy of a visit. Excellent infrastructure and clean coastline promise a great beach vacation. A sports enthusiasts will find something to their liking: there are special areas for surfing and kite surfing.

For younger guests built playgrounds, on which the kids have fun. Notably, not far from the fashionable rest spots there are municipal plots, where all comers can be accommodated.

1. Kauai

Naturalists who want to see active volcanoes and explore the unique nature choose a part of Hawaii, the island of Kauai. This island is sparsely populated, and there are few resorts suitable for swimming. The most visited is Poipu Bay. Tourists are offered a standard set of services: showers, toilets, picnic tables, benches. Recreation is controlled by lifeguard service.

And in general, Kauai – a place where you can watch and learn untouched nature. There are picturesque bays with a strong back current, which everyone can not fight. The bottom is strewn with sea urchins, the water is inhabited by poisonous jellyfish. There is no rescue service, so in case of trouble, you must rely on yourself.

2. Oahu

Most people choose this part of Hawaii for their vacations. And no wonder: the capital of the state of Hawaii is located here and flights of the largest companies arrive here. Resorts on the island of Oahu are the most famous and the most crowded. The central beach is located in Honolulu. It is called Waikiki. The ocean here is warm throughout the year, but the strong wave and wind destroy the sand with enviable regularity. Just as regularly it is poured again.

The infrastructure is fairly common. Tourists are offered sun beds, umbrellas to protect from the sun. There are showers, toilets, cabins for changing. On the coast there are many places to eat. You can try the national Hawaiian cuisine. Kuhio Bay is more deserted. It is not far from Waikiki and the topography and infrastructure is quite similar to the first. Here come those guests who are looking for peace and solitude.

3. St. Thomas

This island of the Virginian archipelago once belonged to Denmark and was a favorite of pirates. They used to replenish their fresh water supplies and take refuge from pursuit here. Then it was bought back by the United States. Today, St. Thomas is loved by tourists all over the world.

The most interesting places to vacation on the island:

  • Coki Bay is the coast is covered with fine light sand, the bottom is also sandy. Entrance to the water is shallow, the depth increases gradually. No algae. Infrastructure: showers, toilets, sun beds, awnings;
  • Magens Bay is the most popular on the island. It is always crowded. Swimming over the buoys is forbidden: offenders are warned by an audible signal;
  • Hull Bay is a simple wild beach. Garbage is not regularly collected;
  • Lindbergh Bay is located near the oil terminal. Tourists are greeted by a warning sign: no smoking. But the water and sand are quite clean.

St. Thomas is a resort for tourists with average income.

4. St. John

St. John – a winter resort. The most influx of tourists is observed in the period from January to March. Hurricanes come to the island in the summer months: the elements begin to rage in June and end in October. But the strength and regularity of storms vary, so tourists come to St. John all year round.

The most interesting places on the island:

  • Oppenheimer has a sandy bottom, free of algae. The shore, too, is sandy. Some visitors consider it the best resort;
  • Dennis Bay is a picturesque sandy coast surrounded by palm trees. But at the bottom of the ocean, besides sand, there are small and medium-sized rocks;
  • Jumby Bay is sandy with flecks of pebbles, and the bottom is the same. Often the waves bring algae;
  • Trunk Bay is the most promoted resort on St. John. Excellent sandy coast, the bottom is flat, consists of densely packed sand. Infrastructure: showers, toilets, barbecue area.

All beaches except Oppenheimer are part of the National Park, so there is minimal infrastructure. And there are certain requirements for guests arriving on the island. The water in the sea at St. John’s resorts stays between +25-29 degrees, the air in high season heats up to +30-32.

5. St. Croix

The Santa Cruz coast is a narrow strip separated from the valley by the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has a unique microclimate that allows tourists to rest comfortably. The high season is in the summer months. The main beach of Santa Cruz is the most visited resort. Here, in addition to passive recreation by the Pacific Ocean, guests are offered more than a hundred activities.

The gentle descent into the water and soft white sand here attract families with children, and the abundance of discos and night bars – young people. There is a promenade along the waterfront, where guests from all over the world stroll. There are places for cycling and rollerblading.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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