Tips for the First Time Flyers

Are you planning to travel by airplane for the first time? If yes, are you anxious? (Obvious!) Well, you don’t have to be. Having a flight whether a local or an international one should not put you at unease if you know well what is expected of you and what to expect. To know all this, you can contact your travel agent or ask your friends or relative about their experiences if they have had a flight before. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all through the trouble as we have covered what you need to know right on this page.

  1. Book your flight early enough

Make sure your flight is booked early enough to avoid inconveniences. If you delay your booking, you may find there’re no airplane leaving on the same day you’re planning to leave. This means all flights are fully booked on that specific day. This can be frustrating and especially if you were going to have work related conferences.

  1. Have your documents ready

Check whether all the right documents are intact and up to date. Ensure your passport is not expired and have at least 3 more month before it expires so as not to be stuck while flying back home. Update also your credit or debit cards as you’ll need them in your trip.

  1. Park early

It’s always advisable you pack two or three days prior to the trip day. This will ensure you don’t leave anything important behind. Make sure not to pack a lot of stuffs, and also enquire before from the travel agents or your airline website the size of the bag you’re supposed to carry.

  1. During the big day

Finally your big day is here. Some local airline requires you to be in the airport two hours before the departure time. If you’re going abroad, arrive three hours before the departure time. Do not make the mistake of getting late.

  1. Going through the checking

There is a bit more checking and scanning of the luggage. You’re required to show your documents and the ticket on the check-in desk in order to be given a pass. Your luggage will be weighed and it might cost you some extra money. Once you are cleared, you will be in the departure terminal waiting to board.

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  1. Boarding the airline

Your pass indicates the gate that your plane will leave from. The seat and the row that you’ll be in are indicated on your ticket. There are also information screens that can guide you around. Make sure you have all your luggage as you are waiting to be called. Once you board, leave the passage for others to pass, put your suitcase on the overhead bin and the small bag if you have under the seat in front of you.

The cabin crews will let you know what you should do and please act accordingly. Mobile phones are to be put on airplane mode or switched off. If the safety belt sign is on, do not stand. To avoid boredom while travelling you can carry a book or an iPod to keep you entertained. You can also take a nap. Have a safe flight!

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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