How to Prepare for an Amazing Australian Road Trip

Some parts of the world are truly unique and mesmerizing, simply perfect for a road trip adventure of a lifetime. If any country takes the proverbial cake as the cultural hub of the world rich with enchanting natural sceneries and thriving urban gems that never fail to steal your heart, then that country has to be Australia.

Not only is the Land Down Under renowned for its energetic, healthy, and vibrant lifestyle, but its biggest asset is probably the rich and diverse outback teeming with wildlife and quaint indigenous towns that simply beg to be explored and discovered. With the “cooler” months of the year in full swing in the southern hemisphere, now’s the perfect moment to launch what is bound to be a memorable road trip.

Plan your main route

First things first, you need to realize just how vast Aussie land actually is. To use concrete data and scientific terminology, it’s bloody huge! Definitely too grand to be explored and experienced in a single road trip, or even ten. This calls for meticulous planning and preparation on your part, so grab your smartphone and start planning your main route.

There are numerous short and long road trips you can take, from ones lasting a single day all the way to those that require you to plan for several stops and book adequate accommodation to boot. Among the most thrilling exploration routes you have the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney to Melbourne, the central Australia route from Adelaide to Darwin (this is a long one), the southern coast drive from Perth to Adelaide, and the breathtaking scenic drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to Sydney. Be sure to tag all of the places you want to visit along the way and plan your time accordingly.

Leave some wiggle room

This brings us to another crucial point, one you might not need to consider if you were road-tripping in another country – planning your detours. No matter the route you choose, your journey will be riddled with interesting stops and sightseeing opportunities just begging you to get off the beaten path and explore their wonders. Now, when it comes to time management and making your booking in the next town, this can be a costly venture.

It’s extremely easy to lose track of time in the Aussie outback, as every detour tends to be more mesmerising than the last. This is why you want to examine the map thoroughly before you set sail, tag the main destinations, and then check their surrounding areas for other points of interest. Now tag them as well and adjust your timetable.

Prep your car for the road

To be quite melodramatic yet realistic, the road can be a cruel mistress. Even more so in the Aussie outback where you will regularly encounter rough terrain along with an occasional wallaby cooling off in the middle of the road at sunset. Don’t be fooled into thinking your car is ready for such a challenge, because it is highly likely that it isn’t.

That’s why you want to get your car to a trusted mechanic before you hit the road. Even if you’re short on time, there are mechanics that make house calls and will literally come to your door and fix your car on the spot. Even if you’ve checked everything and are confident in your driving skills, accidents can still happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a car insurance. If you want to be sure you’re covered no matter what, you can check out various insurance packages here, and find a plan that fits your needs.

Plan and pack your provisions

Another crucial element of a memorable Aussie road trip is to plan your provisions according to the local climate conditions, and pack heavy. Graced with (almost) perpetual sunshine throughout the year and toasty temperatures, Australia is not exactly the country for a steak-and-cheese road trip. Instead, you’re better off packing light, refreshing foods you can easily fit into your portable fridge. Remember that hydration is of the utmost importance when on the road, so make sure you bring enough pure aqua to go around.

Don’t forget your safety gear

Last but not least, safety gear. You need it. Now, you might be under the impression that your almighty smartphone has everything you could ever need to survive in the outback, and in an ideal world where battery life is constant and Wi-Fi is everywhere, this would be true. Alas, this dream is yet to become a reality.

Besides, a fully charged smartphone would go little in the way of patching up a cut or, God forbid, give CPR to an injured travel companion – you need to be prepared for every scenario. So, make sure you bring a first-aid kit, a portable solar charger, a Wi-Fi USB, an independent GPS system, a flare, and a truly rugged smartphone with a boosted signal and water, fire, and impact-proof construction.

Traversing the numerous scenic routes of Australia is one of the most adventurous and memorable things any passionate traveller can do. Before you set sail, though, you want to tick these essential boxes in order to ensure a safe, unforgettable road trip in the beautiful Land Down Under.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.