6 Tips for Traveling Long Distances & Road Trips

Traveling long distances can be fun. But when you’re taking long-distance road trips, it’s really important to plan beforehand. And here, I’m not just talking about packing your stuff. I am talking about being prepared for everything–from checking your van or car for any mechanical issues to seeing if your vehicle is insured (if not, then consider getting insurance for your van or car ASAP) properly. (Note: Vehicle insurance is crucial to prevent yourself from bearing the costs of repairs required due to mechanical failures or road accidents.)

Anyway, besides this, you should be prepared so that you do not suffer from Highway Hypnosis when you are driving. Highway Hypnosis’ is pretty common when travelers aren’t prepared with the endurance needs of an extensive, extended haul. This is also backed by research. According to research by Sleepy’s, almost 60% of the long distance travelers reportedly felt drowsy while driving. Keeping these statistics in consideration, it is really important for you to take proper steps to stay refreshed, energized and active throughout your trip. In case you’re wondering about the things to consider, here’s a detailed insight into everything you need to know.

Leave Enough Time for Sleep

When you plan long distance trips, it is really important to think about your exhaustion before you start the journey, not when you’re midway. Ideally, you should get at least 7 hours of sleep for two subsequent nights before your road trip. This will improve energy reserve and keep you active throughout the trip. And that’s not all! You should also avoid driving between one and three o’ clock in the afternoons. This is extremely important because at this point your body’s temperature becomes low, and you become naturally, and inherently drowsy. Once you follow his small guideline, traveling long distance will be tad easier.

Drink Enough Water

This is yet another guideline to keep you stocked up with energy. When you take adequate amounts of water, you’ll greater levels of energy which will help you travel more comfortably and conveniently. Of course this comes with a downside; you’ll experience a frequent need to visit the loo. But even with that, drinking enough water can be truly rewarding during your trip. It’ll help you stay active and also ensure that you get to make the most out of your trip.

Carry a Comfy Mattress

This guideline is particularly for people who are looking to head for camping tours. As you head for these tours, carrying a comfy mattress – visit SleepingCulture.com, will ensure that you get a good night’s rest. In case you’re worried about the mattress’ weight, you can always use a lightweight, portable variant. This will not just make your trip comfortable, but will also give you the much needed (and often overlooked) opportunity to relax.

Plan Every Stop

One of the most relevant tips for long distance road trips to simply head out of your car/RV and stretch your body/legs as frequently as you can. Stretching your arms/legs once in two hours is particularly useful since it’ll keep you tad more active than you usually are. At the same time, you should also make it a point to plan your stops during the long distance drives. Yous can categorize them as stops for mealtime or stops for visiting unique, interesting places. Either ways, it’ll make your trip even more exciting.

Use a Good Perfume

While heading for your long distance trip, it is also extremely important to keep a good source of perfume near you. Every time you feel like you need some boost, take a short sniff. This nifty little accessory will give you a pleasant vibe, cut down on your fatigue and increase your overall alertness.

Maintain Proper Posture

While traveling long distance, always, make sure that the seat is well-adjusted with your body. It should also be strategically tilted to offer you the maximum possible blood flow. In case you experience some driving hypnosis or trance, sit up, sit back and take some time to grasp the entire situation. Alternatively, you can take a long, deep breath and scan your system for any source of tension. If any part of your body feels sore, try leaning to the other side. This method is recommended by yoga professionals and it’ll definitely help you.

Hear Some Good Music/Audio Books

Good music or audio books play a vital role in keeping your brain active. And interestingly they do this without leading to any massive distraction. Many experts recommend travelers to carry humorous books and comedy CDs because laughing will definitely keep you active and awake.

So now that you know what to consider, keep these tips in mind and head to your long distance road trip to have the time of your life!

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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