Why Book a Serviced Apartment for Your Honeymoon?

Holidays come and go, but there’s one trip away you’ll never forget: your honeymoon. What with the various stresses and pleasures of planning a wedding, it can be hard making time to plan your post-nuptials getaway, but it’s well worth setting aside a few hours with your beloved to put together at least a quick trip away.

One of the first things you’ll need to decide on is the right type of accommodation. Hotels are the traditional choice – and they have the honeymoon suites to prove it – but here are just a few reasons why you should book a serviced apartment instead.

Plenty of Privacy

Not to get too personal, but there’s a good chance you’ll barely leave the bedroom when you’re on your honeymoon. Even if you’ve been living together for quite some time, there’s just something a little different when you’ve finally tied the knot. Serviced apartments are great because you never have to leave the room. It’s your own personal home for however long you want to stay. You’ll be able to completely enjoy your privacy.

Room to Be Together

One of the problems with hotels is that they aren’t really designed for much more than sleeping. Most will simply have a couple of double beds, a TV, and a bathroom. That can be fine, but there’s no room just to chill out and be a couple. With a serviced apartment, you’ll have a separate bedroom and living area, so you can stay in during the evening without feeling cramped.

Charming Location

You can find hotels with charming honeymoon suites, but you’ll need to pay a huge amount of money to get them. If you don’t, you’ll find that most hotel rooms are very samey and not at all romantic. Serviced apartments are usually converted from period properties and decorated in unique styles, so they feel a little more personal and romantic. What could be better for a honeymoon?

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