Top Attractions For Your Smoky Mountain Vacation

Fall is almost here, and there are not very many places more beautiful this time of year than the Smoky Mountains. There are hundreds of attractions and endless acres of National Park to explore.

Planning a vacation solely around the Smoky Mountains is easy when there are so many different attractions from which to choose. Start building your vacation itinerary today, and check out some of the top attractions for your Smoky Mountain trip this season.

Stellar hiking opportunities

You can’t talk about the Smoky Mountains and forget to mention the natural beauty of the area. Take a hike! Get out of your comfort zone, and explore the trails of the forest. You can even trek a famed piece of the infamous Appalachian Trail. If you want to double the thrill, you can try zip lining, one of the main Pigeon Forge attractions.

The Smoky Mountain portion of the Appalachian Trail is home to Standing Indian Mountain which runs along the Nantahala River. The trail will also lead you to another of our featured spots, Clingman’s Dome.

Get high at Clingman’s Dome

Clingman’s Dome is an overlook platform along the Appalachian Trail which sits at a point in the mountain more than 6,600 feet high. The attraction straddles the Tennessee/North Carolina border, and it doesn’t require a superhuman strength to get there.

The Dome’s observation tower is super accessible. You’ll only have to trek around a half a mile to reach the apex. On a clear day, you can see seven states from this point.

Post up in a Smoky Mountain Cabin

The cabins of the Smokies are an attraction all their own. Staying in one of the many cabins available in the area gives you a more authentic feel to the experience. You’ll feel like you’re at home in the mountains, and have all the comforts you crave. If you’re after something a little more sociable perhaps, then there are of course plenty of hotels in the smoky mountains you can choose from too.

Plan a day at Dollywood

When you’re done exploring the nature trails, drive into town. There’s so much to do in town, that you will have to choose wisely. There’s nothing cooler than planning a day for the family at Dollywood.

Dollywood also offers a waterpark option for those looking to cool down a bit. Heading into the Fall, it’s probably best to focus on the main park. Dollywood will be chalked full of live performances and famous regional cuisine.

Check out the less time-consuming attractions

Dollywood is an all-day adventure, but there are plenty of shorter adventures to fill your time in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Check out Wonderworks for a wide array of fun that will turn your mind upside down.

Plan your trip for the end of October, and experience the thrills of Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Taking haunted houses to the next level, Ripley’s has more than 10,000 square feet of space, filled with live creepers lurking around every twist and turn of your path.

Krissy Georgiadis

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