What to Expect From Kimberley Tours

The chances are that if you’ve seen photos or heard stories about the Kimberley, you’re keen to explore it for yourself. Kimberley tours are a fantastic way to explore this amazing area, but knowing what to expect can help you to make the most of your visit. So, here’s a little insight into what you can expect from Kimberley tours.

The Remote Kimberley Wilderness
Whether you’re considering Kimberley adventure tours or a more sedate visit, you’re likely to experience the remote Kimberley wilderness. Experienced tour guides will explain the accessibility of this rugged landscape so that you can see some spectacular sights. Your guide will help you find the best way to access this special place.

The Pristine Coastline

The pristine coastline in the Kimberley region is some of the most unspoiled in the world. There are not many places that have retained this natural beauty. Be prepared for beautiful white sand and spectacular sunsets that will take your breath away.

The Northern Gorges

This is at the top end of the coast between the Mitchell Plateau and Wyndham. This is where the waterfalls are fed, so during the wet season, you will see some spectacular flows. The early part of the season is the best time to be up at the Northern Gorges for a once in a lifetime experience.

Aboriginal Art

If you’re interested in Aboriginal rock art, the Bradshaw art is a fantastic example. There are few examples of this type of art in the Southern Kimberley, but rock art is a big part of why many people choose to visit the Kimberley coast. So, if you want to prioritise seeing Aboriginal art, be sure to mention it to your tour company to ensure the best sites are included in your itinerary.

The Northern Kimberley Landscape

The gorge areas, river systems, and waterfalls are a large part of the Kimberley landscape, but the Northern landscape is very different from the Southern Kimberley coast. While both are equally beautiful, the Northern Kimberley landscape should not be overlooked for its unique characteristics and stunning beauty.

The Wet and Dry Seasons

Finally, it is important to realise that the wet and dry seasons can have a dramatic impact on Kimberley tours. The tropical climate of Western Australia is clearly defined into two distinct seasons. The Dry season runs between May and October, while the wet season typically lasts November to April. While the dry season tends to offer more moderate temperatures, the wet season will ensure that the waterfalls are flowing freely and the flora is lush. Both seasons will allow you to have a swim in delightful swimming holes to cool off. However, if there are specific sights you want to include in your itinerary, you need to investigate whether the wet or dry season will offer the best opportunities.

If you’re interested in Kimberley tours, you should speak to us. We offer a wide variety of packages including Kimberley adventure tours. The Broome Kimberley team would be delighted to discuss your requirements to help plan your dream break.

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