Best destinations to visit in Europe

So here’s another one of those subjective lists about the best options as far as a specific travel destination goes, but hey, somebody has to do it. Besides, you’re here because you want some inspiration. You might very well be completely out of ideas and you’re seeking someone to act as that pin you chuck at the map to see where fate takes you.

Here are some suggestions around the best destinations to visit in Europe.and for the Top Things To Do in Paris, France
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Despite the rest of the world slowly seemingly catching up to one of the main areas through which Amsterdam’s progressive nature has made it the popular tourist destination it has been, this culture and history rich Dutch city still makes for a great choice by way of European destinations to visit. Travellers particularly love how easy it is to get there and to get around once you’ve arrived, so that EasyJet customer services number you should definitely have handy either way, probably won’t be required on your visit to Amsterdam. Happy 420, my friend!

Prague, Czech Republic

East meets west as far as the Czech Republic goes, both geographically (Central Europe) and as far as European culture goes. The architecture depicts this collision of European cultures, making for a confluence of the extensive history and modernisation. For instance, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife while at the same time taking in the views of some iconic, historic architecture.

Barcelona, Spain

Backpackers are increasingly flocking to Barcelona, almost as if they’re in on some secret about an impending change in what the city has to offer. As it stands it’s one of the more affordable places to visit in Europe while offering pretty much the quintessential European travel experience. If you can afford it and if you have time, catch a game at the Camp Nou as well, or just visit the football club’s museum.


I was debating between mentioning Greece in isolation or the Balkans, but chose to go with Greece because I think its main allure lies with its islands as opposed to the mainland where they have some of the best beaches in the world espeially in the crete area such as The Chania beaches, which is that part of the country that falls within the Balkans. So we’re talking here the likes of Santorini, an iconic holiday getaway fit for a postcard! It’s been quite cheap to visit Greece for a while now too and very easy to get to once you get off the plane at the airport by using a Chania Airport Taxi.

Rome and Venice, Italy

If you’re going to do Italy then Rome and Venice perhaps make for some clichés, but clichés which are worth exploring, nevertheless. I mean are you a traveller if you’ve not been to Venice and had a picture taken on the waterways?

Paris, France; London, England

We’re now deep into cliché territory, with two of the most visited cities in the world as a factor of aggregated rankings over time. Even if you might be a Londoner, you’ll know that there’s not enough time in the world to explore all which the English capital has to offer, while Paris on the other hand is about as European as a city can get in terms of historic culture and progressive culture.

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