What Are Common Factory Worker Injuries?

Each day, more than 12 million people in the country wake up to their manufacturing jobs. They produce clothing, food, electronics, cars, and so on.

Unfortunately, factory workers are also in constant danger of getting into accidents that often result in serious injuries.

Assembly line laborers work with dangerous tools, heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and other hazardous materials, which will require the proper safety equipment, that can be found here, to help mitigate any chemical spill problems. This puts them at risk of getting injured or suffering health complications while in their line of duty. Factors like these is why many workers take out disability insurance (click link to learn more) in the event a health complication affects their ability to work. Unfortunately not all workers know of this option until the accident or health complication has already happened.

A factory line injury can range from slight bruises to lifetime injuries, and even death. Most workers who get injured in work-related accidents do not know that a workers comp lawyer can get them the maximum compensation for their damages.

It is also important to understand the most common reported factory worker injuries for prevention.

Exposure to Harmful Substances

Depending on the kind of factory, some manufacturing laborers work with toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Over time, workers will develop respiratory problems, cancer, and other health problems.

If you are working in a chemical plant or with otherwise toxic substances, wear a protective mask to prevent inhaling dangerous substances.

Repetitive Motion Complications

Assembly line workers perform the same tasks over and over, for many years. Gradually, the tissues, ligaments, or tendons around the parts of the body in constant motion wear off. This causes inflammation, plain, and without medical attention, develop into serious injuries.

Some of the symptoms include losing strength in that area, tingling, pain, and numbness.


Overexertion occurs when you subject your muscles and body to more physical strain than it can handle. Some factory roles include lifting heavy objects which can cause overexertion, evident through pain and inflammation.

Fires and Burns

Small fires can easily break out in factories but when they come into contact with combustible materials often used in manufacturing. The results are often fatal. Make sure all waste products and debris are moved into non-flammable skips or hoppers (see this online shop for an example) and taken out of the working area for disposal often. Sprinklers and fire safety training can also help prevent fires from starting or from becoming lethal. A worker can also suffer a burn when they accidentally come into contact with corrosive chemicals that are also used in factories. Make sure all workers have safety equipment and are trained to work with dangerous chemicals.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Wet, oily, or greasy floors are not uncommon in factories. A worker can easily slip and break their leg. Similarly, an employee can trip on something on the floor or fall from a high place if not supported properly.

These injuries are common in factories and it pays for a worker to be alert and overly cautious when working.

Vehicle and Equipment Operation Injuries

For some workers, forklifts and other moving machinery are part of their daily job.

Unfortunately, even the most skilled plant operators can get into an accident.

Common accidents include tipping over, hurting nearby workers, and drivers being thrown out of the vehicle.

Machine Entanglement

Conveyor belts, automatic gears, and other types and heavy machines are commonplace in many factories. A worker’s piece of cloth or hair can mistakenly get caught in between the machines, crushing bones, and severing limbs.

Workplace Violence

Factory line workers are organized in unions, whose role is to fight for their rights. Sometimes, there can be a disagreement of terms between the workers and management, leading to strikes, protests, or demonstrations.

Though rare, an employee can be caught up in an altercation and suffer injuries.

Walking into an Injury

This occurs when an employee accidentally walks into a desk, wall, glass windows, chairs, doors, and other obstacles. The result is minor to severe injuries often hurting the neck, knees, or head.

Injuries from Falling Objects

Warehouses and factory lines have materials stored on shelves. A poorly placed object or one released by another worker can cause head, spine, and back injuries.

Wearing a hard hat can protect you from suffering a head injury.

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