Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Put-In-Bay

Is Put-in-Bay your chosen travel destination? If so, you might want to know interesting facts things about this place. The island has something for every traveler. From fine dining to kayaking, biking, hiking, wineries, and museums, among other attractions. Therefore, irrespective of what your interests are, there is something for you. What are some of the unexpected things you will discover in Put-In-Bay?

1. Different ways to get around in the island

Is it a weekend, an overnight, or a day trip? Whatever it is, you can get around the island in so many ways. You can rent a golf cart, a bike, use a boat, or take public transportation.  You can also walk around, especially if you plan to stay at an attraction site for a long time. Even though you can come with your car, it’s not recommended because almost all the attractions have limited space is limited.

Even in summer, when the sun is scorching, cool breezes coming from Lake Erie makes walking enjoyable. This is one more reason to visit Put-in-Bay.

2. There are permanent residents on the islands

The island has approximately 480 permanent residents; therefore, be considerate that is their home. Like any other travel destination, avoid loud noise and littering. It’s also wise to keep watch as you walk around avoid pedestrian-car accidents.

During winter, residents utilize hovercraft or charter airlines to access the mainland as ferry boats stop operating.

3. You can tour the island in different ways

Golf carts are one of the most popular ways of exploring the Island since they require little exertion, and they are easy to drive and park. Therefore, if you would like to use golf carts, make reservations early. Also, do make sure you have an electric choke start handy in your golf cart (just in case of emergencies, you know).

Other means of transport include boat services, pedicab services, taxi transportation, and bikes. If you visit the Island for a bachelorette or bachelor party or as couples and families, these are convenient ways of moving around.

4. Go underground and explore the Perry’s cave

Fifty-two feet below the Islands surface is Perry’s Cave discovered in 1813. The cave has a width of 165 feet and a length of 208 feet. Some of the things you will see in the cave include cave pearls, stalagmites, and stalactites. These have formed in the floor, ceiling, and walls of the cave due to water dripping from the roof of the cave through the calcium carbonate deposits.

5. Heineman’s Winery

A lover of wine? Islands on Lake Erie are known for quality grapes, which grow on their quality soils, and Put-in-Bay Bass Island is not an exception. There is a wine garden at the Heineman’s Winery where you can enjoy a glass of wine. You can also visit a crystal cave located at the winery.


Now you know some of the things you may not have been aware of concerning Put-in-Bay. The discoveries mentioned above are among the many attractions you will see. The Island is rich in picturesque sites, food restaurants, hiking places, etc. that will give you a wealth of experience. 

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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