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I’m sure you’ve already realised with a couple of previous posts, but in case you haven’t, every now and then we’re going to feature a post addressing one of the most common questions we get from would-be and fellow travellers from all over the world, that being just how one can fund their travels in a manner which allows them to keep travelling. In other words, how can you make money while you’re on the road?

In a previous post we discussed teaching English abroad as a means through which to finance your gap year and in so doing I guess generate an income while out on the road, which is indeed one way of doing it, but in reality this does sort of limit you to the exact location in which you’ll be teaching. Rather ironically this is the one option which tends to resonate with many people we discuss it with as more of a “practical and realistic” approach to generating money for and while you’re on your travels.
Whenever we start to discuss blogging as a great income generation idea for travelers, we sort of get that – “Here we go again” look, but the truth is it’s really a viable option. In fact, if you get it right, it can be the most lucrative way of generating money while you’re traveling. Plus point, the content of your blog would be created in a natural setting, and you’ll be blogging about real-life experiences. You can create a website to share written content and in-depth information about various traveling destinations. Additionally, you can go for social media blogging on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where you can share pics, videos, and reels. In this way, you can monetize various platforms at the same time. You may need to generate more traffic on your social media posts, and for that, you can explore or other websites that may provide similar services. Moreover, the most important thing with blogging is to be consistent with the posts and stay as real as possible.

This is what people really don’t get because somehow they think travel bloggers seem to be hiding some secret, like the fact that they perhaps have a full-time, remote job for example or that their sporadic travels are funded by savings which accrue from heading straight back to a regular job whenever they get back. That may be the case with some bloggers – I mean I can’t speak for all the travel bloggers in the world, but it’s certainly not the case with those who have gotten it right.

The ultimate secret to success is narrowing your focus right down to a specific niche, even if you are convinced you’re the only person in the entire world who harbours a passion for that niche. And once you have fixed the niche you want to write in you can use any of the ai seo software to enhance your content and to maintain your ranking on the search engines. Understandably, you need to not only have a comprehensive idea of how SEO works, but how, with its help, you can enhance the reach and visibility of your blog on various search engines. You can either learn the ropes of various SEO techniques, or get in touch with a professional agency of a similar caliber to Victorious who can get you what you want in terms of reach, and traffic!

Now, just start blogging about it and you’ll realise that you aren’t the only one who is interested in that specific niche, after which time the monetisation mechanisms available to you will become as clear as daylight.

We met a travel blogger who is an avid gambler for instance and she particularly enjoys playing Baccarat Squeeze and sharing strategies, signup bonus channels and promotional codes within in her niche with her readers. How does she monetise this blog of hers? Well quite easily really, through advertisers sponsoring banner ads on her site, mostly coming from what is the very lucrative online casino industry, as you’d expect.

So just start with a niche you’re really passionate about or one which forms part of your daily reality. Be honest with the content you post and you’ll see that this thing is a lot easier than what people make it out to be, that being making money for your travels and while you’re travelling through niche blogging.

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