5 Things to Know Before Taking an Australian Road Trip

Australia is wild, raw and beautiful, vibrant and full of life. There is no shortage of adventure and places to create lifelong memories in the Land of Oz, whether it is exploring the natural wonders of the outback, traversing through vast national parks, or carelessly sipping a cappuccino in a beautiful, lively quarter in a strange city.

An Australian road trip, if planned and prepared right, can truly be the experience of a lifetime, so before you hop in the car and set your sails to take you wherever the wind blows, you want to have these five crucial elements in check. Here’s how to ensure an adventure to remember!

Plan your route

Even though you may be tempted to let the road unfold its tale, you should know that taking the time to plan and organize your route will ensure a stress-free journey. So put down your backpack and whip out a detailed map, on either your phone, GPS, or a paper map and start marking all the places you want to visit and the roads you want to travel.

Don’t worry, no matter how much you plan every detail, detours and unforeseen situations are bound to happen, so you will be making split-second decisions that will take you on a completely new journey – just make sure you get back on the road afterwards.

Get the right set of wheels

The road you’ve mapped out in detail will tell you exactly the kind of car you need, to make your journey as successful and rewarding as possible. In case your travel plan includes nothing more than cities and freeways, then you can go ahead and rent a two-wheel drive, city car. However, if you plan to experience the heart and soul of Oz, you want to hit up the breathtaking scenery of the outback.

If you’re headed to national parks and resorts, traversing every roadside trail in between, you want to rent something with a bit more kick in its strut. Something like a four-wheel drive pickup truck or an off-road vehicle capable of challenging any situation.

Bring everything

You probably don’t need to bring your TV, but you should bring a lot of supplies if headed on a prolonged trip. Make a detailed list of necessities, divided into specific columns such as food, hygiene, clothing, finance, tech, survival, emergency supplies, car supplies and of course, road trip music.

Do not forget the music.

Prepare for emergencies

Given the distance you are going to travel, the different routes you are taking and the nature of your destinations, you should never start your journey without an emergency plan. Start by listing all the things you need to bring on your road trip that could end up saving your life, if need be.

Your destinations will give you a good idea of everything you should have at hand, such as food and water provisions, and repair tools for your car and gadgets. Yet more importantly, you want to ensure maximum roadside safety by memorizing every emergency number you might need. Along with your standard triple zero emergency, you need to have a reliable mobile mechanic on speed dial to deal with any problem quickly and make sure you get back on the road in no time.

Follow the rules

Finally, you want to avoid getting fined every time you enter a city, cross a state border, or enter a freeway, as the speed limit can vary significantly, the fines are substantial, and the laws rigorous. All relevant information is available online, so make sure you prepare and even invest in a GPS that will notify you as soon as you break the speed limit.

Additionally, make sure to follow the signs when entering a city, look for parking instructions and rules, and try not to rely on the internet when on the road, as Australia does not have a reliable off-city internet network.

There is nothing quite like a long road trip down under, surrounded by the people you love, imbued with positivity and energy, fueled by endless landscapes, opulent cultures and magnificent cities. Be sure to follow these five simple steps and you will be on the road to an adventure of a lifetime!

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.