Traveling After Breast Implant Surgery: Tips, Limitations, Reminders

There are several reasons you may feel the need to travel soon after breast implant surgery. The main question is should you travel after surgery. Every “body” is different, and it’s important to pay special attention to your body before making travel plans. You can discuss this with your surgeon during your consultation if they have specific instructions for you depending on the surgery. It doesn’t matter if you are having breast augmentation in Denver or the surgery in New York, the rules will more than likely be the same and must be stuck to so that positive results are ensured.

If the travel bug is strong within your gut, try educating yourself a bit on the process of recovery first. Here is a brief look at some tips, limitations, and reminders regarding travel after your breast augmentation surgery.

Post-op Tips

You may wonder when you will be cleared for sexual experiences after sex. The answer is after at least two weeks, you can have sex. The guideline is that you have to keep it gentle. Don’t jostle and move your upper body a whole lot, and keep your comfort support bra on while you do the deed.

You won’t be free to resume activities as normal for six to eight weeks, so don’t plan a pool party two weeks after your surgery. Your new boobs won’t be ready to face the world for a while, but the time will come. When it does, show off your new body with pride.

Post-op Reminders

Don’t go braless after surgery until your 6-8 week recovery period is finished. You need to support your boobs for a while after surgery. Adding extra stress on your sutures could cause excess scarring. If you want your new breasts to look as natural and perky as possible, give them support.

Bathing after surgery is another challenge you’ll have to prepare yourself to conquer. You can’t take a bath or shower until two weeks after your surgery. Sponge bathe until that time.

It’s vital that you keep your sutures clean and dry while you’re healing. Getting your incision site wet can breed infection. Even after the probationary period, don’t jump in the tub full sprint. Try to keep your sutures dry, and consider purchasing a bath pillow to provide back support.

Physical limitations

Flying isn’t the best idea directly out of surgery. Give your body at least a week to begin healing before placing yourself in a flying situation. Common activities associated with flying can be damaging to your post-op body.

Running or walking rapidly, lifting luggage, and elevating your heart rate can all cause bleeding. Sitting on the airplane and shifting altitudes quickly can cause you to form blood clots. Blood clots can be fatal if they’re not caught in time.

In general, don’t lift anything over 5-10 pounds, don’t attempt to run or jog, and give yourself at least a week before traveling any long distances. Most surgeons recommend that you wait two weeks before trying to resume regular activities, but you can consult your doctor for specific guidelines.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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