Food Tours: Why You Should Avail One?

You may have heard a lot about food tour, which has been gaining tremendous popularity across the world. What you may not be aware of is not only the food but all those interesting elements out there including iconic revolutions, tempting foods, and numerous cultural aspects. Undeniably, food tours are fanatic and artfully crafted since nothing brings people together like food, brews, and fun. If you are still unconvinced, read on to know why you should have a food tour.

An Unpretentious and Authentic Experience

If you are coming to Atlanta, you will perhaps be looking for Atlanta’s highlights and things to see. The foremost thing that will probably come into your mind is what you will do as soon as you arrive. Well, you may consider a city tour that will show you popular buildings and historical facts. You may also use a map and explore the city or take a walking tour. All these opportunities have one thing in common and that is the unique experience you will get. What travelers truly enjoy is a genuine experience and feeling part of the city and its exclusive culture.

Insider Tips

One of the best things on a food tour is the never-ending city knowledge of your local guide. They will provide you with the best tips regarding eateries, mouthwatering meals you must taste, where to find the freshest fish or tender meat, and where are the best sites that you must visit. However, the most interesting part is when different people share their passion for the city and give you the right recommendations according to your preferences and budget. You will get the best tips about where you should consider eating and certain local meals that you must not miss. Your guide will be as passionate as you and will happily tell you about less touristy locations. They will listen to your requirements and suggest places accordingly. Your guide will perhaps be a local and someone who has lived in the area for some time and therefore you will benefit from their knowledge and experience. You will get the latest updates on the eateries and bars in town when it comes to food. This is definitely priceless, isn’t it?

Short on Time? You Get to See and Sample a Lot

If you are staying somewhere for a week, a very few days in a new city are not sufficient enough to see and do everything and more significantly, eat at every place you want. Typically, food tours will get you to sample things from approximately 6-7 eateries or food stores. Regardless of where you travel, you can stop at a variety of restaurants and stores and have a great array of things to try ranging from delicious meals, to unique cocktails and much more. Definitely, you will want to have everything on a plate from all places but that’s not possible. In this situation, don’t you think sampling from each of them is just as good?

Go for Locals Recommendations

On most food tours, you will be taken to many places that are just off the “sightseer beaten path” which is absolutely a perfect thing. With easier internet accessibility, it has become considerably convenient to locate eateries and interesting spots that locals are more likely to keep hidden. However, the best way is to invest every moment trying to dig up the unseen food treasures. Subsequently, you will end up at a nice establishment. Also, you would probably like to avoid any tourist trap food establishments. It’s good to eat at someplace that locals enjoy eating at too and that takes you to a whole new experience. These foodie tours will certainly get you stellar quality in return.

Make the Best Out of Your Time

If you are in the town for a few days, being a part of a food tour will bring you an all-inclusive overview of the place within hours. It will help you figure out the exciting areas you may want to get back later if you get extra time. In addition, a food tour combines multiple tasting stops with fascinating stories about the area so you can learn more about the place. In an unfamiliar town, you will perhaps look for popular or familiar places as mentioned in the guidebook. Though a food tour will get you to places you have never checked before that are simply beyond your own preconceptions.

It’s Not Only About Food

Being someone that doesn’t essentially want to go on an exclusive history learning-based tour, a food tour makes a great choice since it involves food and history too. So, going to a famous lobster rolls restaurant would not just be about the seafood, but also about the history of lobstermen in Maine. A brisket barbeque wouldn’t just be about hogging meat, but also a lesson on the survivalist history of the Midwest. Even something like a McDonald’s could turn into a great story about business acumen and politics. In essence, not only you will enjoy a range of tempting eateries but be able to learn about the changing demographics, thought-provoking architecture, and historic sites.

Meet Other Foodies

Food tours are typically limited to groups of approximately 10-20 people since bringing a lot of people in a small restaurant is not convenient. You will have a great opportunity to talk over the perfect subject and that is FOOD! The other members will be happy to discuss their discoveries and may also tell you about places you should maybe avoid. You will meet many local cooks and tenants who are passionate about their work and may like to share their personal story.


We are convinced that food is an important part of every culture. Not only it reflects the ethos, it tells about natural conditions and historic changes. If you are a foodie and like traveling, going on a foodie tour is a lifetime experience you will never forget. This remarkable experience will let you have quality food, enjoying many of the popular sports, and the cultural festivities you don’t want to miss.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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