Travel Destinations and Symbolic Love: Moving Your Relationships Forward

One of the things that you can use travel for is to illustrate your love for someone that you care about. Travel is symbolic in that way; the same as other objects, events, or activities can be seen as representations of something other than what they physically are.

To illustrate some of the ways of moving your relationships forward using the concept of travel, consider engagement rings, honeymoon destinations, couples cruises, and even the activity of planning vacations together.

Engagement Rings

A very common and powerful symbol of love in a relationship is the engagement ring. When you buy an engagement ring, you’re saying all sorts of cultural things. But one of the details that can go into this particular purchase is how far you went to get it. Or, perhaps, where the ring came from. For instance, a diamond is a common choice when it comes to deciding on a gemstone for the engagement ring, however, many people don’t know that it is rooted in controversy. This is why many people are opting for alternatives that are ethically sourced, such as the moissanite options available on this great site. This is why both how far you went to get it, and where it was sourced from, are both essentially travel aspects that deepen the value of the presentation of the ring. And, if you go somewhere to give someone this ring, it also takes on a further aspect. So it’s not good enough just to choose what you’re purchasing – you also have to think about the geographical aspects of the decision.

Honeymoon Destinations

As your relationship moves forward, and perhaps you’re planning on getting married, are you thinking about honeymoon destinations? How many couples do you know where that is one of the highlights of their entire collective relationship? If you pick an excellent honeymoon destination, it will be worth the story and the memories for the rest of your lives. That’s why it’s one of those things that you have to pay close attention to. Even if it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, it’s the thought that goes into it that will establish the most value.

Couples Cruises

Going on a couples cruise is another good option that will combine a travel destination with the symbology of your love. Yes, you’ll see a lot of family cruises and vacations advertised. But there’s also a whole separate subset just for adult couples. You can leave the kids behind and focus on enjoying your partner’s presence without additional stressful factors.

Planning Vacations Together

When you and your partner decide to plan vacations together, that’s a very loving activity as well. You can pick a destination together that means a lot to both of you. And it’s interesting that during the discussion of where you want to go to, you’ll often learn about each other as people. So, when you choose to focus on travel, destinations, and what you consider luxury and enjoyment, there will be a lot of intimate bonding going on emotionally and psychologically. Plus, if you plan together, you know there won’t be any hard feelings about one party not having enough input.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.