How Not to Spend a Fortune in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of the hottest destinations in California for both the excellent resorts and
oppressive summer heat. People from around the United States and the world come here for a
relaxing getaway in a laid-back environment. You can find lots of Palm Springs villa rentals to suit any
budget in a variety of prime locations. But, just because you’re splashing out on a luxurious holiday,
it doesn’t mean you should waste money. Here are a few essential, not-so-obvious tips on how to get
the best value for money in Palm Springs.

Plan Your Trip

If you’re like most people, the dream vacation to Palm Springs has been planned for a while. It’s
unlikely you’re going to wake up one morning and suddenly decide to take a vacation to this retreat
in the Southern California desert. So, when you know you’re going to visit at some point, why not
start searching now for promotions, discounts and special offers? Finding an excellent deal on
Groupon, signing up for a fast track ticket or booking golf lessons a few weeks in advance may end
up saving you quite a lot of money.

Rent a Car When You Need it

Car rentals can be expensive. You often need to pay a daily rate along with various extras like
insurance, fuel and sometimes parking. Having your own set of wheels in Palm Springs is essential to
get around and to explore more of the region. It can be hard to get to the attractions like Joshua Tree
National Park and the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway without a vehicle.

But, do you really need to have one parked outside when you’re planning to spend a day relaxing at
the resort or in the spa? If not, perhaps it’s not such a good idea to rent one for the entire length of
your stay. Instead, plan the activities you want to do and rent a car for the days you’re going to use it.
Savvy tourists can save quite a lot by doing this.

Limit Your Time in the Casinos

Just because they are casinos, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time inside them. Sure,
playing a game of poker or trying your luck at roulette are fun activities. But, it’s also a risky way to
spend your vacation. We all know that most of the time, the casinos always win. And you, the punter,
will probably walk away with an emptier wallet. This is more of a concern when you visit Palm
Springs in the summer. When the weather is scorching hot all day and night, the only thing people
want to do is to hide in the cool air conditioning. Feel free to do this, but not inside the casino! Your
wallet with thank you later.

Take a Mid-Week Trip

Hotels and resorts reduce their rates for mid-week stays. If you’re flexible and can travel between
Monday and Thursday, you might end up saving a significant amount. Rooms are always fully booked
on weekends and hotels capitalize on the influx of tourists. This is why it is advisable to browse your choice of hotels online and book them weeks before your vacation starts. Also, most of the special promotions found
online sell out fast, especially those from Friday to Sunday. More are available during the week. And
the other benefit for travelling on weekdays is that fewer people are in the city. Fewer people means
less queuing to get into the attractions and reduced congestion.

Take Advantage of Happy Hours

Quite a few bars and restaurants in Greater Palm Springs have all day Happy Hours starting in the
late morning until early evening. You can find the details online. Why pay full price when you can get
a considerable discount by eating or drinking an hour earlier? Making the most of reduced rates on
food and drinks are a great way to save on your trip. And you can find the discounts on a range of
cuisines at some of the top restaurants too.

Enjoy the Outdoors

If you’re visiting Palm Springs when the weather isn’t too oppressive, one of the most rewarding
ways to spend your vacation is by enjoying the outdoors. The resort city sits in the middle of the
desert and has lots of scenic drives along the roads and opportunities for hiking. You have to pay to
enter some of the trails, but others are free. It might be a good idea to check in advance to see which
ones are free. And while you’re here, check out the San Andreas Fault Line cutting through the
Coachella Valley. Just remember to fully charge your phone and camera before heading out into the
natural beauty surrounding Palm Springs

Make the Most of Free Admission Days

Paying admission fees to visit some of the attractions can be very costly, especially if you’re travelling
as a family. But some places have specific days and times of the month when they let tourists visit for
free. Palm Springs Art Museum has free entrance on Thursday evenings and more than 50% off on
Fridays. Some of the other museums and attractions have similar offers and promotions. You could
also visit the Villagefest street markets on Thursday night too, which gives you a chance to buy

Saving Money in Palm Springs

Having a vacation in Palm Springs isn’t going to be cheap. The luxury, high-standard of living and
selection of activities make it a classy destination. Despite being on a luxurious trip, it’s also a good
idea to try to get the best value for money. If you save a few dollars, you could spend on something
more important like an extra cocktail or a quirky souvenir.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.