Top Travel Stop Shooting Ranges For Your Next Road Trip

Traveling may be a little different in 2020 than ever before, but the roads are still open.  The range is calling, and there are an array of different adventures you can enjoy during your travel time this year.  

Before you start planning your trip, do the necessary research to make it great.  Head to your favorite online gun store, and strap up for one of the coolest experiences of your life.  Here are a few of the best shooting ranges you should visit on your next travel excursion.  

Helibacon in Texas

Helibacon is a super cool place to experience, because you can shoot machine guns from a helicopter.  The “bacon” in the name comes from your target from the air.  

Texas is currently overpopulated with wild hogs, and Helibacon has the clearance to give visitors a “shot” as controlling the population.  You’ll have to grab up a Texas hunting license before you go, but the process isn’t complicated.  

Top Gun Shooting Sports in Missouri 

Top Gun Shooting Sports is more than just your average shooting range.  You’ll want to visit this spot to check out the shooting range and the 3-D archery range.  

The space is safety driven, and appropriate for bringing the whole family.  You can be the most novice of all novices and still find something amazing to fill your time at Top Gun Shooting Sports.  

Machine Gun Vegas in Nevada

Again with the machine guns, Machine Gun Vegas will hook you up with a shooting package with a cool theme.  You can choose the Zombie Survival package, and work with a sniper rifle or the MP5.  Choose the most fitting experience for your time, and make the most of your visit to Vegas.  

Knob Creek in Kentucky

If you’re a firearm enthusiast, you’ve heard of Knob Creek in Kentucky.  The claim to fame for this location is that they grant visitors the ability to shoot some pretty cool stuff.  

You can shoot up an old car, appliances, and even the occasional boat.  If you’re tired of flying bullets through thin paper sheets, Knob Creek will craft a whole new experience for you and your group.  

NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico

NRA Whittington in New Mexico is a super special range to mention, because the facility has accommodations for the whole family on site.  

The shooting range is able to operate as a non-profit facility due to generous donations, so the price you’ll pay to stay there is extremely reasonable on the wallet.  

The grounds are extensive.  The facility encompasses more than 30,000 acres and 17 different shooting ranges to explore, so you won’t have trouble with boredom during your visit. 

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.