What do you get with long-term accommodation that’s missing in a hotel?

The days of hotels dominating the travel and hospitality industry is over; There are now a lot of different providers offering everything from single rooms to full apartments for rent in both the mid and short term. If you are still not convinced, we have put together a checklist of some of the key benefits you get with long-term accommodation that you will not find in a hotel. If you want to find out why long-term accommodation is better for longer trips, keep reading.

  • Long term accommodations offer kitchens and dining rooms

The first and obvious benefit of long-term accommodation is that many providers will offer both kitchen and dining rooms. These are good not only if you are travelling in a larger party, but also if you are looking to spend a lot of time in the rental accommodation. Needless to say, if you have a kitchen you will also be able to save on eating out expenses that can pile up on longer trips.

  • You will save money if you stay in long-term accommodation

Linking on from point number 2, if you stay in long-term accommodation over standard hotels you will also save a lot of money. As these rentals are designed for long term stays, they often offer discounts for larger parties and this can pay off in the long run. Amenities will also help you keep costs down as you can cook, clean and take care of any laundry needs.

  • Long-term accommodation gives you added security

When you are staying in a hotel you may be uneasy with having a lot of other people around you, this is natural and long-term accommodation options can help to alleviate this. Most modern long-term rentals come with good security systems and secure doors, giving you peace of mind throughout your stay.

In addition to the physical security, long-term contracts also give you the added security of having a long-term agreement with your ‘land-lord’. This gives you more protection should any issues arise.

  • You will have more family time in long-term accommodation

If you are staying with a lot of family members, spending time together in traditional hotels can be challenging. You can book everyone in one room, but this can easily lead to a cramped environment. Equally giving everyone separate rooms may lead to some degree of isolation.

Long-term accommodation fixes both of these issues. The wide-open living spaces give the chance for everyone to connect whilst also offering private rooms that gives everyone their own space when required.

What kind of trips are good for long-term accommodation? Getting the right accommodation to match the type of trip you are going on is essential. Whilst long-term rentals may seem inflexible, they are good for a wide variety of stays; including family vacations, business trips, gap years and everything in between. Just make sure you book the rental from a reputable provider, so you have the most enjoyable stay possible.

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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