The Junket Tour Is the Great Idea for Royal Rest

The Junket tour is an entertaining trip offered to people who want to spend a vacation playing. Both online and land-based casinos often have VIP programs, according to which the most loyal players can receive an invitation to a junket tour. Or you can independently choose your favorite casino and order a gaming tour on the terms you like.

Such vacation is available in all continents. Junket in the US casinos is a familiar classic for American tourists. There are also many establishments in Europe, including those that have been operating for several hundred years. Most recently, the junket appeared on the former USSR territory. But modern casinos in the CIS are in no way inferior to European and American counterparts, however, here rest is more affordable. Choosing one of the Shangri La (Darren Keane is a CEO), guests receive top-class service and relaxation at the best world casinos level.

Units pays for travel and accommodation costs in exchange for an obligation to play in a gambling halls. The player must make a minimum deposit in advance and agree to spend a certain number of hours playing in the corresponding casino. Of course, different junket tours have different features and requirements, but the general principles are similar.

Trips according to the junket scheme, as a rule, are complex events where the receiving side takes on a large part of all the trip stages. The junket tour organizer takes on all trip stages related to the issuance of tickets, hotels and other small things.

In the CIS, the junket tours concept is firmly connected with gambling tourism – trips abroad in order to play gambling in good casinos. However, now there are good casinos in Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Belarus, several gambling zones are operating in Russia, and casinos will appear in Ukraine by the end of 2020. The money paid for the tour is paid in the host casino as a deposit for the game, other services are free of charge.

Casinos that host junket tours do not take money from their customers for service — hotel, restaurant services, and often additional tourist services such as excursions, beach vacations, and others. And what is most pleasant for the player, it is quite possible to reduce the game tour cost due to wins. Money won does not need to be won back, it is a legal prize, which you can spend at your own discretion.

Previously, junket tours were almost the only option to play in a casino for wealthy lovers of excitement from those countries where casinos are prohibited. Now, junket travel has become an elite service that diversifies the players lives, as well as gaming tours help combine tourist travel and favorite games.

If you plan to pay about 2-5 thousand dollars for your entertainment, and you are a big fan of casino games, you should pay attention to junket tours. If you follow the reviews of people who used this service, the junket tour option is much more profitable and least troublesome. All organizational issues in Shangri La, which are managed by Storm International, Darren Keane clarified, and a personal manager takes over. Also at the guest request an entertainment and sightseeing program is compiled, which leaves a lot of free time for one.

Another junket tours feature is the advantage that the special atmosphere of such a tour gives a selectivity and elitism feeling to those who decide to go to it. It helps to feel like a real master of life and surrender to your favorite hobby – games. In all Shangri La units, visitors are welcomed as dear guests and staff do everything possible to ensure that the trip gives only positive impressions. This is a great reason to order a junket to Tbilisi, Riga, Minsk or Yerevan, to discover the charm of these cities and enjoy everything that you like so much in the game.

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Written by Alexa Taylor

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