Our Guide to Planning a Stress-free Group Holiday

Sometimes, going on a group holiday, either with friends or family, can be a good idea yet it’s still very stressful! Of course, it’s vital to put time aside to spend time with your nearest and dearest, but when you’re put in charge of planning the whole holiday it can be daunting. Especially when you have to organise and book for 10+ people! Keep reading to find out some of our top tips for planning a group holiday.

Choose Wisely

This may be an obvious point, but it’s very important. You need to choose the right people to go away with. Make sure you all have at least similar interests, personalities and budgets, just to minimise any tensions that may occur between group members.

Choose Your Destination

Once you have worked out a list of who is going, it’s time to work out where you want to go. Now, this is where things can start to get a little more complicated, especially if you’re visiting with a large group! You need to choose somewhere that fits everyone’s tastes and will cater for everyone. 


A good way to do this is to get everyone to write down their holiday destination of choice and to put it into a hat. Whichever is pulled out, is the destination of choice! 


Then, when you have a destination in mind, you need to pick a selection of dates and decide when everyone will be free.

Spread the Tasks Out

It’s likely, if you’re travelling in a group of adults, at least a few people will be keen to help out. Delegate the tasks you need to do and let everyone have a role. Then everyone will feel as though they have contributed and no one is stressed out with everything.

Get Booking

The sooner you book your holiday and everything that is needed, the chances are you’ll get a better deal – it’s a wide known fact! What’s more, villas, apartments and houses will usually be cheaper when you book as a group, compared to a hotel.


If you’re looking to book transport, sometimes the most cost-effective way to get around is by either hiring a coach or minibus. Be sure to contact a reliable coach hire firm, such as Ferris Coach hire – leading providers of Coach Hire Cardiff, ahead of time to discuss both pricing and your travel plans. 

Share Out the Costs

Many groups prefer to share out the costs of the holiday, whilst they are away. So, splitting the prices of dining out, activities and food shopping. Though, this can be made much easier by putting together a fund before you go away, which can be dipped into when needed. This makes for a much better idea than having to either try to do the maths on the spot or have one person pay for it and try and collect the money afterwards – it doesn’t usually work out well! 

Plan Your Holiday Activities

Even if you’re just going for a relaxing break, you will still need to plan a few activities to do. Take suggestions from everyone and keep in mind that not everyone will want to do the same thing, so sometimes it may be best to split up. Then, a group can go party and others can go do some adventuring. 


It’s also a good idea is to create a couple of plans, just in case the weather turns or people change their mind. 


Now, it is time to finally enjoy yourself and relax! Go on holiday and be proud of the trip you’ve planned out! 



Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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