Take a Cruise Around Indonesia Islands

Welcome to Indonesia where a mixture of people and their diverse ethnic groups coexist together in harmony.  Cruise around the different islands strategically placed in the Indian Ocean and its ever changing waters. From the thick jungles where Sumatra tigers reside with other animals such as orangutans, elephants and snakes, Indonesia is rich in wildlife and nature. Get to see the outstanding landscapes which are portrayed by the volcanic mountains in Java.

Start your cruise through the different islands, such as:


The most adjacent city to the airport is Bima and this is where your journey begins. Bima island accommodates an active volcano which erupted last in 2014, known as Sangeang. Have a great experience while snorkeling and stepping on the black sand from the volcano. Make sure you pass by the Bonto settlement which is renowned for its competent abilities in boat making.

Komodo Island

Your next destination while on the Indonesia Yacht Charter is the Komodo Island. There is a stop on the North-western side called Batu Moncho and this is the initial stop. Here you will have a close watch of the numerous fish species while enjoying the vibrant clear waters. Some of these species include whale sharks or dolphins which you may have a chance to see if you are lucky. Explore the coral reefs and take a hike, for a magnificent view up the hill.

Gili Banta

Your next stop is the island of Gili Banta which is located between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Here the sand is golden but the beaches and the adjacent hills are inhabited. You can access a good number of the beaches through tender and if you love diving, then you are in for amazing spots. The water species in this island are the huge ones like sharks tuna and rays. Surrounded by calm blue waters and various shapes of rocks, enjoy a warm sunset.

Langkoi and Lehoksera.

Cruise on for three hours to a destination of quite a number of outstanding islets full of breathtaking surprises. Some of these islets include Langkoi Bay and Manta Alley which are considered top ten in the world’s most excellent and magnificent swimming spots. Get around the rocks as you swim accompanied by the manta rays. On the other side, there are beaches with black sand. Hike up the hills while coming up close with Deer’s and Komodo Dragons.

Komodo National Park

Looking for adventure? Then this next stop on the Indonesia Yacht Charter will excite you. Visit the Komodo National Park and enjoy the sight of the Komodo dragons and diverse eco-tourism. Additionally, you can have a safari ashore organized. Get to see the Pink beach which has diverse colors due to the fragments from the coral with a mixture of sand. There are various outstanding diving areas and you get to swim along with eagle rays and sharks.


For trekking, sunbathing and snorkelling, Padar has the perfect spots. Starting the “W” reef is the most suited for diving which has three seamounts covered with coral. Use a tender to cruise along the coastline, cross over to the western side and relax as the sun sets in beautiful rays.

Linda Strait

Dotted with small size rocky islets, the Linda Strait creates a division between the Padar and Komodo islands. This is also a home to diverse marine species and the meeting point of Indian Ocean and Flores Sea. While the site is ideal for diving, for snorkel lovers, the Eastern edge will give you breathtaking moments as you swim alongside Manta Rays.

Gili Lawa Laut

Looking forward to an adventurous hiking destination? Gili Lawa Laut has simple and easy to climb trails that lead to magnificent views which come to life during sunrise and sunset. Combined with the island of Gili Lawa Darat, there are great spots for snorkeling and diving. These spots are known as Crystal and Castle rock. Get adventurous with other water activities by using the toys on board.


You will love Sebayou for the crystal clear water that enhances under water visibility. After cruising over to Bajo where you will get your plane to your preferred destination, visit the local fish market. Get to choose the type of fresh fish you want. Watch as it is prepared, cooked and served right in your presence.

What to Pack:

Have a waterproof to pack in all your documents. These include plane tickets, passport and the charter agreement contract. While packing your luggage, to avoid messing the floor of the yacht, have luggage with soft padded wheels, you can use backpacks too. Though most yacht owners prefer their crew to walk barefoot, if you prefer wearing shoes, make sure they are rubber shoes with white soles or sandals. Choose clothes that loosely fit, light in weight and color. For dining purposes, carry a few casual clothes. Pack a number of swim suits. They should be absorbent too. Remember to pack an effective sunscreen and insect repellant. Any other items in your grooming kit such as lotion, shampoo and body wash, are provided. However, if you choose to bring your preferred brand, use small containers suitable for travelling.

Most travelers forget sunglasses that are polarized. The polarized effect minimizes the water glare when you look at the sea.


  • There is little space on a private yacht which cannot be compared to spaces in a villa, resort or hotel. Hence, leave your valuables and travel light. 
  • While packing, identify the most essentials items. Try by putting all your stuff on the bed or an open area, then pick what you really needs.
  • If you plan on taking back some souvenirs, have an extra duffle bag, or create room in your bag. 
  • Most times its windy out in the sea, either have a snug fitting hut or bring an extra one.
  • The Indonesia Yacht Charter will take you through breathtaking sceneries and you will have many opportunities to take pictures. Carry an extra battery for your camera or a power bank that is fully charged.

Cruise your worries away and enjoy the magnificent, unique and beautiful views across the numerous Indonesian Islands.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.