Destination Must-Haves for The Digital Nomad

A major shift to remote working has been able to provide a growing number of us an opportunity to explore a more digital nomad lifestyle that may not have been possible before with the standard 9-5 and other work obligations – for those first setting off on their first digital nomad adventure in the coming months, however, there’s certainly a lot to prepare for. You may already have a destination in mind, and tips found through guides like this ko pha ngan city guide for example can certainly help – but what are the destination must haves that can ensure you’ll not only be successful, but also thrive with your new lifestyle?

Do plenty of research for visas and living costs – One of the must haves before you get out there is understanding just how much it’ll cost you to stay living in one place, and how the visa requirement for some countries may shift the goalposts too – over the past year many different countries have added their own remote working visa particularly aimed at digital nomads with stipulations for minimum income for example to give you a rough outline of what you’ll need, but the fact on the ground could be very different so it’s better to ensure you’re going in well prepared.

Research access and infrastructure too – You’ll be spending a lot of time online to do your work, as such it’s important that you’re able to guarantee a steady, secure, and strong enough connection to be able to do all of the work that’s required of you – in the bigger cities this likely won’t be as much of an issue, but some locations in particular already explored by nomads before you have noted those that aren’t as great quality. You need to be sure that the websites you need aren’t blocked, especially if you’re traveling. The last thing you want is to sort out a cloud hosting error (like those seen on on the go, and while you can sort this out it would still be better to pre-empt this kind of situation.

Still, if that’s the case, you could utilize one of the best vpn for ios to ensure that your work isn’t disrupted by the constant journeys. Similarly, you’ll need to know where you can and can’t charge your devices easily and have the necessary preparations to ensure you’re able to stay online with your devices and have backups with power banks if required too.

Have a plan for when your time is up in one space too – Whilst you’ll need a checklist of must-haves for a singular destination in question, you’ll also need a wider checklist for when it’s time to move on, too – understand the travel links that you may have access to and whether or not flights or other travel occurs regularly is certainly important to know. When it’s time to move on you’ll want to have every advantage to get going without having to do all of the research with the stress of moving too, so it’s always good to prepare.

The common theme running through is that preparation is your best tool here – ensuring you have everything like up for each destination you plan to visit ahead of time will be your key to success, and will be the defining factor on helping ensure your success with your new digital nomad lifestyle.

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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