Stylish Laminate Flooring Ideas You Need To Know


There was a time when people preferred laminate for its low cost. It was also durable and easy to install. In the beginning, people didn’t have enough options to pick from the laminate styles and designs. But time has changed. Now laminate is used at commercial level. People choose laminate these days for its beauty and stunning looks. The manufacturers have made it even more exciting option for flooring with addition of beautiful, lavish and luxury looking styles.

However, before laying the laminates on the previous flooring, you may have to contact a professional to repair the surface and make it ready for the new material. For instance, gypsum concrete can be used to fill the cracks in the existing flooring to create a smooth base for the laminates.

There are a lot of ways you can use laminate in stylish ways. You get to choose laminate flooring factors such as types, colors, looks, and more. These characteristics can be discussed with an expert who can also study your house interiors to suggest a perfect flooring style. If interested, you can check out a website such as and get details about laminate floor installation.


    1. American Made Laminate

    US made laminate flooring is also popular type of laminate. They are attractive but controversial. Still, a lot of homeowners prefer American laminate flooring.

    1. Waterproof Laminate

    Among the types of laminate flooring, waterproof laminate is one. This is quite trending and hot these days. People prefer various styles, colors and pattern in this type of laminate flooring.


    In color category, there are a good number of options that are listed below.

    1. Whitewashed Laminate

    It is very decent and simple in looking but has an amazing attraction

    1. Blonde Laminate

    It is preferred because it makes the room look more spacious, gives a more appealing look and is the trendsetter.

    1. Honey Laminate

    Honey or yellow like look comes with this color-based laminate flooring option.

    1. Grey Laminate

    As the name implies, it is a grey colored laminate available in different designs and style. It gives a luxurious look and is also in trends these days.


    1. Espresso Laminate

    The rich and deep colored Espresso is a beautiful option for home flooring.


    1. Reclaimed Wood Laminate

    In terms of look, it is unique and durable. It has become instantly popular. They are considered better in all ways. In look category, it is the one of the top choices of the home owners as well as commercial users.

    1. Weathered Wood Laminate

    This is more attractive and in trend these days. They are also like reclaimed style but are more appealing in appearance. It has more like a dark wood like feeling that looks appealing to the new visitors.

    1. Rustic Wood Laminate

    It looks distinct, original and complex in design. The texture is amazing and it creates a luxury look in the interior. It is almost plain with no beautiful style-like designs. People who want simple flooring try it the most.


    1. Stone Look Laminate

    This is another look-based laminate flooring option that is not only popular but trending as well. To be honest, it looks a bit old but is still preferred by the home owners for the classic look it gives.


    There is one other thing that is still thriving and that is pattern-based laminate flooring. You could look for reliable laminate flooring and vinyl flooring available in Twin Falls, ID or at your location to find many different designs and types. It also has a number of further options and choices for the home owners as well as commercial users. Though the concept is quite old, still people prefer patterns or layouts over colors, types and looks. In this category, the options available are given below.

    • Herringbone Laminate Floors
    • Diagonal Laminate Floors
    • Wide Plank Laminate floors
    • Mixed Width Laminate Floors
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