Planning an Amazing Weekend in Valencia

Valencia, California is a beautiful little community tucked away in the northwest corner of the Santa Clarita Valley. Scenic walking paths crisscross its entirety. Its many native attractions and proximity to Los Angeles make it a fun and easy travel destination. Planning your trip to Valencia is the hardest part. For new travelers, there are so many factors to consider, so many unknowns about the city, or obstacles that you may not expect. So how do you pull off the perfect vacation by yourself? Here are a few planning tips to stop your vacation from going off the rails.

Choose the Right Dates

People often plan their vacation around the holidays and seasonal concerns like school vacation and weather. But that’s not always the best idea if you have some latitude. Choose a date that’s not during extreme weather conditions, holidays, peak seasons, and school vacations. Investing in a weather station may be a wise choice if you plan to use it in the event of an emergency vacation. However, reading a few weather station reviews beforehand can help you make an informed decision. Also, it’s best to book your vacation when there are fewer tourists in the area. The great thing about Valencia is that it enjoys nice weather almost year-round so you can travel during offbeat times and still get a lot out of it.

Choosing off-season dates can ensure that your vacation doesn’t take place when everyone else’s is. You’ll enjoy shorter lines, lower rates, and have more space for yourself. Just be aware of national holidays so you’re not surprised to find out that some of your favorite attractions and theme parks are closed on arrival.

Choose the Right Places

With your ideal dates in mind, you can now choose which places you’d like to visit. This is the best part of planning your vacation. But it comes with additional questions and requirements. Does your budget limit you from seeing what you want?

Are you booking a vacation by yourself or through your travel agent? Do you intend on driving or flying there? Be clear with these answers since the more you know, the better you can plan and anticipate your expenses.

Valencia, California is the perfect place for individuals and families. It is filled with attractions, concerts, festivals, sporting events, nightlife, and more. Some of the top attractions include Castaic Lake, Dr. Richard Rioux Memorial Park, and Gibbon Conservation Center.

If you have kids in your group, you may want to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain or Universal Studios Hollywood.

When it comes to sporting events, check out Santa Clarita Aquatics Center, Ice Station Valencia, Sky High Sports, Vista Valencia Golf Course, and San Canyon Country Club. Those into arts and culture will love CalArts, The Main, and Santa Clarita Performing Arts.

Set a Reasonable Budget

Booking your trip without doing any research or setting a budget can quickly lead you into financial trouble. Know how much food, hotels, and transportation cost before booking anything.

There are plenty of hotels near Six Flags Magic Mountain that are comfortable for large groups. One hotel that’s especially popular with families is the Hyatt Regency Valencia. It enjoys a central location near Six Flags, Universal Studios, the Aquatics Center, and many more of the attractions listed above. It provides many nice perks like free, fast Wi-Fi, an on-site fitness center, and a heated outdoor pool.

Be honest about your budget. Setting a budget and sticking to it can help you manage your expenses and decide which activities are non-negotiable. If you don’t have the money to go on a shopping spree in Valencia, just table that until next time. Good planning can pack your vacation with fun events while keeping costs under control.

Look for Deals

There are plenty of websites that can help you score a deal on airlines, amusement park tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, and more. Look for these deals after you set your budget. Since you know what you can spend, you have a better idea of how you can save. It’s also a self-esteem boost when you come in under budget once you find a deal.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Now that you’ve taken the steps and planned for the trip, you can relax and enjoy. Now it’s time to travel to Valencia and have a great time. Since this trip won’t follow you back home, it’s best to plan for memories rather than mistakes. Spending just a little time putting together a plan will let you enjoy all your time there.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.