Kitchen Décor Inspiration

Kitchens are more often than not the heart of our homes, where we prepare our much-loved meals to entertaining guests. Therefore, we want it to be stylish as well as practical and there’s certainly ways you can have both! Let’s go through the different elements that make up your kitchen and see how you can get it as you like it.


Always a good place to start in any room, especially if you’re looking to revamp the entire room. It’s not something you’ll change often, so make sure you do your research and make the right decision.

When it comes to the kitchen, practicality prevails. Luxury Vinyl Tiles we’d recommend as the best choice, with them being stain, water and scratch proof as well as very durable. This makes it the perfect option for the kitchen floor as we’re sure you already know that it sees a lot of exposure to food and water spillages as well as lots of footfall. The best thing about LVT is that you’re not having to sacrifice style for the sake of all its practical benefits. It comes in very convincing replicas of natural products such as stone and wood, that often it’s hard to tell them apart. You can even install under-floor heating, something popping up more and more in modern homes! Not to mention it’s incredibly easy to clean, especially if you suffer from messy meal times due to little ones!


We’d recommend staying away from wallpaper in the kitchen as it can pick up grease and burns which will stain. As well as this, it can bubble and peel off if moisture comes into contact with it, the last thing you want to be worrying about! However, if you are desperate to add some design to your walls, you could try one of these wall decals, or something similar, if there’s an area that’s away from the main cooking area, such as in a breakfast nook. With this being said, this leaves tiles and painted walls which are much more sensible options. Tiles and paint can be scrubbed of grease, fingerprints and whatever else ends up on your walls. You don’t have to stick to one colour either, if you’re going to paint why not paint each wall a different colour to give some character. If you’re looking for something contemporary and clean, then of course white and magnolia. Even though it might seem like a bit of a ‘cop out’ it does help your kitchen to appear bigger.


The affluent look of marble work surfaces are guaranteed to impress and work well with the fresh look of your kitchen. They last years and really add to that grand yet contemporary look. Try and stick to same colour and material theme throughout, for example use the same wood for the dining table as the cupboards, or the same colours of your bar stools (like those here for your tiles.

If you’re keen on a rustic look, then wicker furniture works a treat. Equally, glass cupboards and furniture if a modern look is to your taste. Matte and modern light fixtures (companies like City Lights could provide you with a lot of options), breakfast bars, spot lights, all these little touches will really bring your kitchen together.

Your kitchen is like no other room in your home and it deserves all the attention you can give it. With the kitchen mostly being taken up with necessary appliances such as the fridge, cooker and washing machine we sometimes think that we don’t have space to incorporate our style. However, we hope these ideas have helped inspired you to get your dream kitchen, whether you have lots of space or not.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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