3 Tips For Packing For A Rainy Travel Destination

While there’s a lot about your travel and vacation that you can plan for, one thing that’s completely up in the air is the weather.


Just before you’re about to leave on your trip, it’s wise to check what the weather is forecasted to be like while you’re going to be at your destination so you can pack accordingly. So if you check the weather and it says that there’s going to be rainy conditions while you’re there, here are three tips for packing for your travels involving wet weather. 


Bring Multiple Rain Ponchos


If you plan to spend very little time outside, packing multiple rain ponchos may not really be a necessity for you. But if, in your preparations for your trip, you’ve scheduled activities that will take place outdoors, you’re going to want to have a few rain ponchos packed away in your luggage.


According to Andrea Guthmann, a contributor to FamilyVacationCritic.com, a small, plastic rain poncho is one of the best things you can pack for yourself if you’re going to be spending any time outside in a rainy environment. Not only can these keep you dry as you wear it, but you can use your extra ponchos to keep your bags, luggage, camera, and other items dry as well. 


Consider Your Shoes


While it’s smart to keep your clothes dry while you’re outside in the rain, what’s arguably more important is ensuring that your feet are dry. If your feet and shoes become wet, you can easily develop blisters, ruin your shoes, and make it hard for you to enjoy the rest of your vacation.


To help you in finding the best shoes to wear during rainy weather, Mimi Lambardo, a contributor to Travel and Leisure, recommends that you ensure that your shoes are weatherproof, which usually means that they’re partially made of rubber. In addition to keeping your feet dry, these types of shoes will also help to give you more traction so you don’t slip and fall on wet surfaces


Plan For Storing Wet Clothes


Once you get back after a long day of being outside in the rain, you’re going to need to have a plan for your wet clothes.


Ideally, Annie Werner, a contributor to HereMagazine.com, suggests that you find lodging that gives you access to a clothes dryer. But if this isn’t a possibility for you, make sure you have a plan for how to store your wet clothes away from your dry clothes. This plan should include some kind of waterproof laundry bag that will contain any moisture your clothes have accumulated. 


If you’re going to be traveling to a rainy destination, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you pack wisely for this adventure. 


Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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