Is Woolacombe a Good Place for a Holiday Park Vacation?

Booking a holiday park vacation is an investment that pays off in memories and rewarding experiences, and it’s not something you get to do every day. So, you obviously want to book your holiday park vacation somewhere that is going to be worth the price of admission. Someplace that has a beautiful, unique atmosphere, tons of activities and attractions to catch your attention, and plenty of unique places to explore.

If you’ve been looking up everyone’s favorite holiday parks in the UK, you’ve likely found quite a few people singing the praises of Woolacombe as the prime holiday destination. Well, let’s dive into why that is, and whether or not Woolacombe is a good place for a holiday park vacation next summer.      

Your Main Park Options

There are several parks around Woolacombe, and each one has its theme, however, most of them are located a little further north in Devon. In the Golden Coast area, your main option is the Golden Coast Park.

Golden Coast Park

The golden sands park Devon is known for is your best bet if you’re looking for options. It features four pools, simulated surfing, bowling, sports, and even a pub with some of the best food and drinks in Woolacombe. 

When you book your stay at this park, you’re not limited to certain types of experiences. You can enjoy intimate evenings with a significant other, an excitement-filled day with your family, or even a bit of isolation among the landscaped nature paths that wind around the park. This flexibility makes it perfect for longer holidays or when you really want to enjoy a multitude of experiences without leaving the park.

Beach Proximity

Any holiday worth going on needs at least a couple of beach days, but not every holiday park offers close enough proximity to the beach to make that a convenient opportunity.

Golden Coast Park does. It’s the closest holiday park to Woolacombe beach, and you can reach it with just a few minutes of driving. This proximity allows you to reach the beach at a moment’s notice, minimize your commute, and stay all day without having to worry about heading home early.

Coupled with the fact that Woolacombe beach is often considered the best beach in the UK, and you know that your stay in Golden Coast will allow for some truly memorable experiences.

Out-of-Park Attractions

We gave you a basic rundown of the features the Golden Coast park offers, but what about the attractions surrounding it? Well, adventurous spirits need not worry. There’s plenty to find on your own.

The Golden Coast, and the rest of the surrounding area, are home to high-quality dining experiences, close to the quaint Bristol Channel coves, and a multitude of natural attractions and wildlife activities.

Book Your Next Holiday in the Golden Coast

The Golden Coast is known for providing top-tier holiday experiences for guests of all kinds, and Woolacombe is ideal for its large selection of things to do. For great family fun, intimate getaways, or just an escape from the daily grind, book your next holiday at the Golden Coast!

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Written by Alexa Taylor

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