Best Time to Visit Japan

Visit Japan and take a trip to one of the most beautiful places that this great world has to offer. Japan is a wonderful place that is a mixture of ancient culture with modern lifestyle. The place has a population of more than a hundred million people who live in cities like Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. There are also large communities in some of the rural areas. There are several things you can do in Japan.

You can see the cherry blossom trees every day in various parts of Japan. A good way to see these trees is to go to Japan and stay at a bed and breakfast inn. Here you will have a chance to see the beauty of the cherry trees in bloom. The cherry blossom starts to bloom in April and lasts for about a month. The sight of these flowers is very breathtaking and at the same time relaxing.

The best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms is from April to June. The temperature during this period is usually moderate which is perfect for viewing these wonderful flowers. The best time to visit Japan also falls in the golden week which happens from april to july. This is the peak season when the cherry blossoms bloom and the weather is most perfect for visiting Japan.

Hokkaido is located in north-western Japan. The weather during the rainy season is warm which makes it perfect for visiting Hokkaido. The rainy season is mostly from mid-july to march and from april to may. If you are planning to visit Hokkaido in late spring or early fall it is advisable not to go during the rainy season as the weather becomes very cold during this period. The best times to visit Japan are from mid-january to march and from mid-mars to july.

One other great idea for visiting Japan during its rainy season is visiting Okinawa. The weather in Okinawa is generally hot and humid with a slight chill at the end of it. The temperature actually increases in Okinawa during the rainy season and slowly decreases during the rest of the year. The best time to visit Okinawa is from mid-august to mid DECember.

If we were to tour Japan based on purely cherry blossom viewing, we would end up seeing many beautiful places, but many people don’t think of Hokkaido as one of those places. Hokkaido is a place that is filled with natural scenery, mountains, lakes, and rivers. The landscape of Hokkaido is so beautiful that many people would not think that they are in Japan. That is why it is a good idea to include Hokkaido in your tour packages.

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