How to amuse yourself on long trips

Instagram always portrays holidays and traveling as constant excitement and sightseeing with fun encounters all the time. What people seem to forget is that quite a lot of traveling is spent sitting on public transport or in the back of a car. You can’t spend the whole time taking photos for Instagram – you need to be able to amuse yourself. Here are some ways to do just that, whether you’re on a bus, train, plane or on the back of a camel.


A book is never going to run out of battery or be a target for thieves. Just remember to bring more than one in case it’s a real page-turner and you end up finishing it before your holiday is over. While you’re eating up the miles, you can get lost in someone else’s world or learn about something really interesting.

With so many genres and non-fiction topics to choose from, reading is something that can appeal to everyone. It’s a nice way to pass the time without having your eyes glued to a screen, which you probably do enough in your normal life – so it’s nice to get away from that as much as you can while traveling. 


You also have plenty of options for playing – on your smartphone, on a portable game device, or even a travel game. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, there are plenty of fun games for you to download before your trip. You could also play online browser games on your data or when you have Wi-Fi to expand your selection to casino games. Casino games could even make your long journey profitable!

You could even go old-fashioned and bring travel games such as Scrabble if you’re going to be sitting next to a friend with whom you can play. A pack of cards could also work if you have enough space for the game that you’re playing – cards are great because there are so many different games that you can play with them. 


If you don’t want to read, then you could take in the same story via your ears. It’s an easier way of experiencing a story, and smartphones can store hundreds of audiobooks at once, so you’ll never be at risk of running out, unless it’s a very long trip. Podcasts are another good option – there are podcasts about topics such as current events, cinema, sports and history.

Music is an obvious one, and with apps such as Spotify that allow you to download music for offline listening, you could make a trip playlist beforehand. You could also download some albums that you’ve never listened to before and really make a good go of them. 


There are plenty of options for you to consider before your next trip. Traveling is a great way to spend your time – just be prepared with other ways to spend your time during the boring bits where you’re not doing anything Instagram-able.

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