Travel Baby Crib- What You Need To Consider

Traveling is always a difficult time especially when a baby is involved. This is because the baby has to be comfortable and war during the whole travel experience. Carrying the baby around the whole day in your arms, whether sited or not, is very tiring. It is for this reason that travel cribs have been developed, to make it easier for you to carry your baby around without struggle. A baby crib should be comfortable for the bay and comfortable for you to carry around even for a long time. The crib should also be of manageable size so that it easily fits through door and small spaces.

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The most important thing to consider when buying a travel baby crib is the crib mattress. This is because the best crib mattress ensures maximum comfort to your baby when you are travelling. Here are some of the tips to help you choose the best crib mattress for your travel baby crib;

  • It should be firm

Contrary to what it may appear to be, a firm mattress is the best crib mattress for your baby. This is because in addition to being comfortable, a firm crib mattress also reduces the chances of occurrence of accidents. Soft mattresses pose a greater risk of suffocation to your infant when traveling. If you want a mattress for long term use, you may opt to buy a double sided mattress. One side of the mattress is soft for an infant while the other side is a softer and safe for toddlers.

  • Do extensive research

There are many designs of mattresses in the market today from foam, to spring and even organic mattress models. All of these mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages to the user. It is important that you do your research well before picking one for your infants travelling crib.

  • The size of the mattress

There is no particular design or model that can be said to be the best crib mattress. The choice of mattress to buy for your baby’s crib depends on many factors, size being one of the factors. The mattress you choose for your baby’s crib should fit perfectly in the crib. The mattress should not leave a space more than two fingers from the frame of the crib. The mattress should also not be very large because the infant may be trapped and may even lead to suffocation of the baby when travelling.

  • Get the crib first

Many cribs are made of standard size. However, it is important to be sure of the measurements of the crib before shopping for the mattress. This is because it will enable you to have the exact measurements of the mattress you need to buy so that it is a perfect fit in the crib.

  • Buy a mattress with sufficient venting

Vents in the mattress are designed to increase efficiency of air flow in and out of the mattress. This makes it easy for escape of moisture, hence preventing the occurrence of mold in the mattress. Proper ventilation also helps to prevent bad odor and mildew from occurring in the crib. The best crib mattress should have tiny holes reinforced along the sides of the mattress. The ventilation capacity of the mattress is a clear indication that the quality of the mattress will be good.

  • Avoid organic mattresses

Pediatricians, researchers and doctors are advising against the use of organic mattresses, especially for infants and toddlers. This is because the presence of residual chemicals after the manufacture of the mattresses may aggravate the existing medical conditions or even cause occurrence of new conditions. Your infant or toddler may have to spend a lot of time in their cribs and having an organic mattress increases their chances of infection. It order to create a healthy environment for your baby, you should avoid an organic mattress.

In addition to the above tips for choosing the best crib mattress, you should also ensure that you do not get a used crib mattress. Buying a used crib mattress may sound like a good idea, but in real sense, it is not. This is because the surface of the mattress may have become softer after being used for a period of time. A used crib mattress may also harbor bacteria and disease causing agents like fungus and mold.

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