Hammock Camping Tips

For most people who love camping, where and what to sleep on are the top of their minds. The trend for many hikers is always doing the usual like sleeping in a tent. When planning on what gear to pack, it’s hard to not miss the familiar sleeping bag and tent, and for good reason. A sleeping bag and tent offer all sorts of protection against the cold, the rain and the wildlife! Many people choose to stick with the traditional camping gear, choosing to rent all the equipment they need. If you want to do this, you can head to For Her About Her By Her to find the best gear available, but since hiking is all about adventure, you might also want to think about less traditional alternatives.

A hammock, for example, offers a little more excitement than a tent does. It’s quite thrilling when you think about it. Sleeping up in the air suspended away from the hard ground sounds good, right!? We all know what a hammock is and might have one suspended in our backyard through spring and summer. But the thought of taking it when camping is fast catching on. Plus, if you manage to find the best air hammock, you’ll get a much more comfortable sleep than you would on the ground!

When you opt to hammock camp then you have to ditch the old tent and get a camping hammock instead. It doesn’t just come on its own as there are more accessories making it comfortable. Sleeping outside just got cooler with this new trend taking over hiking. No more worry about carrying too much gear when camping. The hammock is quite light and fits easily in your backpack.

A few things to keep in mind when you decide on hammock camping are the hammock, a strong suspension system, and a rain tarp. You don’t want to get soaking wet as you sleep in the middle of the night. Also of importance is a sleeping pad to keep you warm and bug netting to keep pesky bugs at bay.

Benefits of Hammock Camping

  • Easier Set-up

A hammock is much easier to set up than a complete ten. There are only a few parts to keep in mind. You need a hammock and a suspension system. Once you have the best trees picked up then you get to work connecting the hammock on both ends. Ensure you select strong trees though not to come tumbling down in your sleep!

  • Lightweight

A hammock is very light and easy to carry around. This is true especially when you consider how bulky a tent is and all its components. In case you prefer to hike and camp out then the fewer pieces of luggage you bring the better. Given how comfortable a camping hammock is, it’s not a must you bring a pillow. You can opt to pick a spot that has no bugs forgoing the bug netting as well.

  • Choice on Location

When camping in a tent, it’s very important to select a flat and clean area to set it up. The same restrictions don’t apply with a hammock. Simply pick any two strong trees and set it up. This versatility means if you see a great spot to camp out and suit the hammock then you’re good to go. In case you travel with friends in trucks, you can tie your hammocks between the carriers and relax or camp out.

  • Comfort

Lying on the hard ground even with a sleeping pad on a tent is not the best at times. It’s easy to wake up with a stiff neck and aches in many places. Somehow that one pesky pebble keeps you tossing and turning at night. The same cannot be said when you set up a camping hammock. Being suspended high in the air away from the hard ground is the best feeling ever.


  1. Is a hammock better than a tent when camping?

Yes. Hammocks are so much more comfortable. You don’t have to lie on the hard ground. With your bug netting and rain tarp, you’re good to go.

  • Is sleeping on a hammock good for one’s health?

Studies have proved that sleeping on a hammock is one of the best ways to cure insomnia. When in need of a good night’s sleep, simply set it up.

  • Can one sleep on a hammock while camping?

Yes. All you need is to carry the right set-up system and pick a good spot with strong trees.


As camping keeps advancing, better techniques like sleeping on a hammock follow suit. It can be quite an adventure swapping the usual tent for a comfy hammock.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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