Best Motorbike Rides in the UK

Things finally seem to be looking up with regards to the weather, which is great news for motorcyclists in that it’s a chance to get out there and explore those motorcycle routes you’ve been dreaming about trying out all winter long.

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most incredible motorbike routes, however, which ones should be topping your list? With some expert help from motorcycle clothing retailer, Custom Lids, we’ve picked out our top five routes that you should definitely ride this summer:

The Cat and Fiddle, A537 Buxton to Macclesfield

For all the thrill-seekers, you will enjoy riding The Cat and Fiddle A537 route between Buxton and Macclesfield. This is a winding 11km-long road with twists and turns at every corner and it’s perfect for getting your heart racing as you bask in the picture-perfect Peak District.

A word of advice though – this road hasn’t been named one of the most dangerous in Britain for nothing. Go easy, be careful and vigilant, and stick to the 50mph speed limit and you’ll conquer this must-drive stretch and then be back to visit again and again.

The North Coast 500, Scotland

If 11km isn’t enough for you, then the North Coast 500 is perfect for those who want to conquer a longer motorcycle tour. The route comes up to 516 miles in total, starting and ending at Inverness Castle. Despite being created only in 2014, the North Coast 500 has already been dubbed the Route 66 of Scotland.

Some highlights to look forward to include the likes of the dramatic coastline of Caithness, the picturesque greenery and architecture of Sutherland, as well as the white sandy beaches of Wester Ross. Naturally, because of the sheer length of this route, which is part of what gives it its allure in any case, you’ll need to split the journey over roughly a week. This way you get more time to explore the very best of Scotland.

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The Horseshoe Pass, A542, North Wales

Wales is famous for its rolling hills and picture-perfect beauty. The Horseshoe Pass is a winding road that sweeps through the valleys and it offers the best of both worlds: challenging inclines which are complemented by enjoyable declines.

At the peak of the road, you will find yourself at a height of 1,400ft above sea level. So if you literally want to take your riding exploits to new heights, this is definitely for you. You’ll feel like the king of the world as you sample the luscious Welsh scenery.

Cheddar Gorge, B3135

How can an exhilarating ride be made even better? Well, it could be positioned near to Cheddar Gorge, Britain’s second greatest natural wonder.

Because of its extension over an area of outstanding natural beauty, the B3135 is well worth the ride. You will start the journey in the Village of Axbridge prior to joining the road towards Cheddar. Be prepared for tight bends, twists and turns as you meander into and out of the gorge.

This is a popular tourist spot so traffic can build up rather quickly though. So the earlier you ride, the better.

Hardknott Pass, Lake District

If you’re up for a bit more of a challenging ride choose Hardknott Pass. Meandering through the Lake District, you’ll be faced with steep inclines and twisting turns alongside stunning views of the beautiful surrounding areas. You’ll also pass through Eskdale and the Duddon Valley on your way to the small coastal village of Ravenglass.

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