Add York to Your UK Road Trip Stopovers

Well, 10 out of 10 for jumping on board, being a good sport and actually taking the time to explore your very own backyard, but 0 out of 10 for taking the saying “I’ll see where the road takes me” a bit too literally! I’m talking about those road-trippers whose path sees them heading in the direction of Scarborough and while they’re making their way to this North Yorkshire resort town they choose one of the two forks along the A64 which takes them right past York!

It seems to be an emerging trend amongst road-trippers, where they either continue along the A64 around the bottom of York or they take the A1237 which goes around the top and rejoins the A64. You’re really missing out on a lot! Yes, it may not be listed as a traditional road-trip stopover because of the rather engaging nature of all which the city has to offer, but you don’t have to keep “following the road” even further and immerse yourself in some of the more publicised activities like all the festivals. York has a lot more to offer than that, even some nice and quiet spots for those road-trippers looking for peace and tranquillity above all else.

A word of advice though, since you are indeed eating up the miles in the spirit of a road-tripper in any case, accommodation in York tends to be a bit more expensive than in other cities of a similar size. Luckily, iknow-UK has plenty of great deals and loads of options for plenty of varieties of York holiday accommodation.

Don’t let the endless list of bars and pubs deter you – there is something here for every type of traveller. You can find a secure location to park your car and take your whole gang along on one of the many walking tours available, part of which walking tour you take could perhaps incorporate a ghost walk.

Take a boat up the River Ouse if you’re adequately skilled at driving a boat, otherwise, you can go on a river trip which comes complete with a driver. If you’re on a budget for what should now form part of your cross-country road-trip, arrive bright and early as the boat trips tend to be cheaper then.

The Snickleways of York awaits you if you want to snap some road-trip collector’s items by way of photos as you explore these famous medieval alleys threading right through the centre of the city.

Get a taste of some authentic spiritual grounding by attending the Evensong service at York Minster, the largest of northern Europe’s Gothic cathedrals. After all, everybody who can lay claim to have been to York comes here, so you might as well see what the fuss is all about. It does dominate the skyline so you won’t miss it and you’ll have a clear view of where to go no matter where you are in the city.

There are many top picnic spots in York as well, with about six that I can think of off the top of my head, so you can discover one or more of them and perhaps enjoy a nice and quiet sit-down to refuel before you get on your way again.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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