Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Be Merry on Vacation

No one wants to be a spoilsport. No one wants to be a buzz kill. But, on the other extreme of that, no one wants to go on vacation and then get in legal trouble, get sick, or end up losing all of their money by spending too much money on temporary and questionable entertainment. There is a balance to be achieved in any activity. Going on vacation is no different.

Think of a few times where drinking and being merry ends up in situations that are less than ideal. If you drink and drive on vacation, getting caught is an absolute nightmare. Especially if you are somewhere exotic, good luck trying to figure out how to navigate local law enforcement.

Plus, drinking leads to bad decisions in other ways as well. At least having a few inhibitions in place is always a good idea. Third, drinking excessively on vacation is extremely expensive. Particularly in areas where tourism is rampant, the price of drinks can be four or five times higher than you might expect anywhere else.

Drunk Driving Trouble

If you drink and drive on vacation and get in a car accident, there are so many negative aspects of that it’s almost as though you’re asking for it. First of all, you might cause damage or injury to your car or people. Second, if you get caught, you could end up in jail. And third, whatever other activities you have planned for the entirety of the vacation are going to be shot because you have to deal with the consequences of this specific action. And most of the times it would be facing the law with a DUI defense attorney (like the ones at Salwin Law Group or similar others). Therefore, if you plan on drinking more than a certain amount, make sure that you don’t get behind the wheel of a car.

Making Bad Decisions

It’s not an unknown that drinking lowers your inhibitions. For some people, this is an excellent release from the tension of ordinary life. However, what happens to you when you are completely uninhibited? We all know people who, when they get drunk, turn into real jerks or even become violent. If you know that you are not on your best behavior after you become uninhibited to a certain degree, then you should avoid any amount of alcohol that pushes you over that limit.

It’s Expensive

For as much fun as drinking can be, especially when you’re traveling, it can be extremely expensive. Tourism industries know that people who are on vacation want to let loose and have fun. A fast track for people to do this is by drinking alcohol.

So, you put together one and one in a classic business equation, and you figure you can jack up the price of all alcoholic beverages by an extreme amount, and people are still going to pay for it. Especially if you’re not just purchasing drinks for yourself, this can end up being a huge chunk of your vacation budget.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.