Why Europe is still a top travel destination

Traditionally, the European continent has been a major travel destination for people from all over the world, particularly travellers from the UK and other European countries. With the current coronavirus pandemic, fewer people have been travelling abroad, with many choosing to stay in their home countries to avoid coronavirus testing and the additional fees this can incur. Listed below are several reasons why Europe is still a top travel destination.

1. Affordable

Continental Europe is a fairly cheap destination for UK travellers. Despite the additional costs incurred due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Europe is still one of the cheaper places for people to travel to, especially if they live in the UK or other parts of Europe. Places in Central or Eastern Europe are known for being particularly cheap, but even Western Europe can be done on a budget, with budget airlines offering many flights to the continent. Most places now accept Rapid Antigen Testing (Lateral Flow Tests) to gain access, instead of doing a more costly PCR test, which can reduce the overall cost of the trip. For more information on testing, check the government website. Insurance company Staysure, recommend travel insurance to all individuals travelling abroad.

2. Convenient

Due to its proximity to the UK, visiting Europe is often less time consuming than going further afield. Most places in Western Europe can be reached within an hour or two by flight, and even going further to Central/Eastern Europe doesn’t take half as long as it would take to get to somewhere such as the USA or Asia. This also means that tourists can go to Europe for mini-breaks, which may be more cost-effective than spending a week in another country. Even driving or getting a train (for example, the Eurostar) doesn’t take that long, with ferries also available to places like The Netherlands & France.

3. Culture

Europe is made up of a huge selection of countries, each with its own vast culture and history. Many of the countries in Europe have been around for centuries, with lots of things for would-be travellers to see and do there. Those into their culture and history will find lots to do in most European cities, with ample transport links also provided to ensure you get there safely. Places such as Spain or France have great tourist resorts and links, for those wanting to soak up the sun, meaning that there is somewhere for everyone to go in continental Europe, no matter what sort of holiday you are looking to take.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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