What to Pack For a Weekend Away?

If you have just had a baby or are about to go on a trip that will see you out of the house for a few days, then weekend away packing may be an important thing to consider. It is important to make sure all your essentials are packed before going as not to leave any essential items behind and also to ensure that nothing you have packed will end up in the hotel’s garbage or gets lost. Some of the essentials to take with you include things such as baby wipes, shampoo, lotion, contact lenses, baby food, infant toys, poppers and toothpaste. Having all these things with you is important so you won’t have to run around town searching for them. Here are some more tips for making your packing process easier:

Pack your shoes. Shoes are the most frequently lost item during a packing trip and one of the reasons for this is because most people do not pack them carefully. A well-packed pair of shoes will usually have their heels unpacked first so they will be ready for taking on the flight and will not get lost in the luggage machine. Your socks should also be unpacked carefully as you don’t want them to get tangled in anything. Another reason shoes are often misplaced is because people only pack socks with their shoes and pack other articles of clothing alongside them such as t-shirts and shorts.

Keep your toiletries organized. Packing these products is usually the last thing you will do when packing your suitcase. Make sure all your necessities are contained in one spot by labeling containers with which you can easily locate them when unpacking. You will also want to label the container where you are storing your dirty laundry so you know what type of detergent you need to pack with you when you arrive at your destination. Some trips, such as those that last two weeks, are long enough for you to store your clothing for two whole weeks, so keep this in mind when packing your clothes.

Carry more than one bottle of water with you. If you are traveling with a group of friends or family members, then it’s best to plan on carrying water bottles along with you or else you will have to find a place to fill them up before going to the pool or beach. It’s always better to have a full water bottle than to have none at all, especially if you are traveling in hot weather. Having extra bottles of water at home may just save you from running out when you get to your weekend getaway destination.

What to pack for a weekend away list is very much similar to what you would do for an extended stay, except you have fewer days to pack. When preparing a weekend packing list for a cruise or a short trip, you want to make sure you are packing basic items. Don’t forget items such as sunscreen, a pair of flip flops, a hand towel, flip flop pillows, and even underwear that you can wash and wear while you are gone. You don’t necessarily need to have these items with you when you leave, but having some on hand will be a good idea. Your cruise or short trip should only take place for a couple of nights, so there’s no need to have a thousand things when you go.

Another item to include on your packing list that you’re probably already taking with you is comfortable walking shoes. If you are planning a trip to an unfamiliar city, keep in mind that it may be necessary to rent a cab if you don’t have at least some cash on you. In this case, it would be wise to buy some comfortable walking shoes before you leave. On the other hand, if you have an off season packing list, there’s no need to break out the walking shoes just yet. You can wear sneakers or flip flops for most part of the weekend, if you really don’t want to wear shoes.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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