What makes a serviced apartment so special?

With the summer holiday season nearly upon us many will be planning our trips overseas. However, many are choosing to spend their holidays at home in UK cities like London and Bristol.

If you are going to compromise on the location then you will want to make sure your family has as effortless a stay as possible in your staycation. A serviced apartment could be the perfect option for your next family break, but why are they so special.

They give you privacy and hotel amenities in one

One issue that can be apparent in hotels is the lack of privacy, particularly in some of the more affordable options on the market. A fully serviced apartment gives you accommodation that will give all members of your family the space to enjoy their stay.

They are excellent value for the space on offer

When you look at the specifications of a serviced apartment they really are impressive. Many are fitted with bespoke kitchens, fully equipped bathrooms and very substantial bedrooms. This is perfect if you are travelling in a large group and want to keep everyone together.

Essentially, you get the benefit of full property to enjoy your stay whilst enjoying the standard amenities offered in hotels. With a serviced apartment you truly do get the best of both worlds.

There are plenty of quality options out there

Serviced apartments are here to stay; and the number of providers of these fantastic holiday options is only going to increase. This variety means no matter what size of family you are looking for; whether you’re after a serviced apartment for your business trip or a family get away you will find the right property for you.

Bristol offers some fantastic serviced apartments

If you are looking for a city with great examples of serviced apartments, look no further than the south west city of Bristol. The Victorian homes in this part of the country make excellent serviced apartments.

Find the perfect serviced apartment for you

If you have been convinced of the multiple benefits of serviced apartments you will want to find the perfect option for your family. The Beech House serviced apartments of Bristol offer amazing quality in the perfect location of Clifton.

Get in contact today to book your stay or visit the site for an example of how good a serviced apartment can be.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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