What Foodies Love About Touring Asia

For many people, a trip to Asia is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Usually, it’s because the average household simply doesn’t have the funds to take international flights, stay in hotels and then visit the attractions and eat at least two meals daily in restaurants. If you are finally on your much longed for trip to Asia and are a foodie to boot, here is what you’ll love about your trip. And, the best news of all? If you do it right, it won’t really cost you as much as you think it will!

1. Amazingly Inexpensive and Delightfully Delicious Street Foods

Who says you have to eat every meal in a restaurant or café? If you are touring Asia on a budget, you will find that many, if not all, Asian countries have a huge number of street food vendors that are really, really cheap. India and Thailand are especially renowned for their delicious street foods, but you will find that they are everywhere in the larger (and smaller!) cities across the continent.

2. Aromatic Foods You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of being able to sample Asian street foods would be the amazing aromas surrounding you as you pass them by that might actually be hard to find anywhere else. As a matter of fact, who could resist the temptation to stop and sample the food with all those promising flavors tempting you, unless of course, you’ve stopped to sample the goodies at the previous half-dozen stands?

While it’s rather easy to recreate a dish that you liked when you last visited the Far East, you simply will not be able to make it an exact replica. But you could purchase ready-made bowls. For instance, there are ramen kit gift packs that you can buy off the web to give you that oriental feel. So, take a dip into the web, and find those dishes that you really like.

3. Talk About Aroma!

Here’s the good part about all those aromas you are drooling over. The reason everything smells so good would be the spices popular in Asia. Ginger, for example, is said to have originated in China and has made its way through ‘the Orient’ over the centuries. Literally every Asian country uses ginger as one of the leading spices in their cooking and for medicinal purposes as well. Ginger is a spice with a delightful aroma that can be used topically in ointments as well as in those foods you eat. You might even fall so in love with this spice that you want to grow your own at home. Check out the Preparedness Mama Grow Ginger article on how to buy and plant ginger and when you get home, your kitchen can smell just as delightful at meal times and your tummy will thank you as well!

4. When They Say Fresh, They Mean Fresh!

Another thing appealing to foodies is the fact that in Asia, when they say “fresh,” they really do mean fresh. This is evidenced by the number of markets scattered around cities, towns and villages. Local farmers bring their produce daily to market and most street vendors and restaurants get their produce early in the day before what remains is sold at market. Unlike most western countries where it takes days to get from farm to outlet, in Asia, it’s usually the very same day.

Are you sold yet? If ever there was a vacation well-suited to a foodie, it would be a tour of Asia. You won’t find better food at cheaper prices anywhere on earth. That’s a promise and not a sales ploy. Enjoy a foodie’s paradise at every stop you make.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.