Unusual Things to Do in Hospitable Tbilisi

Tbilisi is full of mysteries, and a traveler who wants to solve them receives a reward of impressions that will forever become treasures of his memory. Be sure to check out the Dry Bridge Market, catch nirvana in the Botanical Garden, appreciate the sophistication of Georgian wines or feel like a king by ordering a junket tour to Tbilisi.

Wander around the legendary the Dry Bridge Market and buy non-banal souvenirs

The “Flea” market or the Dry Bridge Market is a very distinctive place located in the Tbilisi very center, not far from Rustaveli Avenue, between Kura River and the park on April 9th. If we draw analogies, then something similar in atmosphere was at the Moscow Vernissage in Izmailovo in the 90s, until it finally turned into an attraction for tourists.

Most likely, the Dry Bridge Market will suffer the same fate over time – the more reasons to visit it now. Everything that Tbilisi residents have been using and selling over the past couple of centuries is sold here: dishes, handmade toys, antique gramophones, records, old phones, coins, watches, icons, and God knows what else. With a certain persistence and some luck, the probability of discovering a unique interesting thing among the collapse of frank junk such as worn shoes of the last century beginning is quite high.

In addition to old things, paintings, copyright souvenirs, rare antique books, antique or stylized carpets are sold here. Keep in mind that for the export of art works from Georgia (and some copyright souvenirs may well be counted among them), special permission is required. If you want to buy a picture on the market, be sure to ask the seller for help in obtaining such permission.

Life on the Dry Bridge market is seething every day from 9 to 17.00, but it is better to come in the interval between 11 and 16 hours – the choice will be much greater. It is also better to go there on weekends – there are significantly more sellers than on weekdays.

Take a walk in the botanical garden of Tbilisi

The Botanical Garden in winter is a secluded place and tunes into a contemplatively melancholic mood, in summer it is an oasis of coolness and freshness in the melted heat of Tbilisi.

In winter and summer in the Botanical Garden there is where to walk and what to see. It offers a river with several picturesque bridges, ponds, gazebos, a bamboo grove and even a real waterfall.

Geographically, the Botanical Garden is located a stone’s throw from the Tbilisi center, but walking along it you completely forget about the city bustle and noise – between the garden and the city there is a high natural barrier in the form of the Sololaki Range.

Have a drink in the wine cellar

The highest concentration of good wine places is on Kote Abkhazi Street, the former Leselidze. The wine and atmosphere there will be incomparable, there is only one minus: Leselidze Street is, one might say, the very center of “tourist” Tbilisi, and where there are many tourists, usually overpriced and somewhat relaxed staff. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the towns and the wines taste are worth it.

Give yourself all the luxury of Tbilisi in the junket tour

If you want to get exactly a luxurious vacation, then you should think about such an option as junket. Such a tour is organized by the casino, while the guest only pays for the chips, and the unit takes on all other expenses. It is worth, of course, to choose a VIP complex with a good reputation and convenient location, such as the Michael Boettcher’s Storm International unit.

So, Shangri La, Darren Keane, the managing director of the company noted, is located in Tbilisi very center, guests are accommodated in 5-star hotels, provide good food and drinks for the entire stay. In the junket, guests are visitors to all casino parties, play all games, and at the same time attend guided tours for free and can spend all their free time exploring the beautiful city. The management company Storm International, Darren Keane also added, provides a free shuttle service and even air tickets at a certain tour cost.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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