Travel Packing Tips – How to Pack Lightly

Here are 12 smart travel packing tips to help you during your next trip across the country or around the world. Whether you’re packing for a two-week road trip or a month-long sabbatical, packing smart doesn’t mean packing light. It means finding the best way to pack the least amount of items to get the most space for everything you need. Here are 12 smart packing tips to help you in your next trip.

Don’t begin to pack for your trip until you have your destination and your budget set. Preparation is the key to packing for any trip. So start by setting a budget. Then, check out pre-packaged checklists for even more packing ideas. Never begin packing for a trip until you have a plan for where you will be going and how much you will spend.

One of the best ways to avoid having to do cartwheels while you travel is to use a rigid travel packing list. A rigid packing list is simply a big piece of paper listing the different items you need to pack for your trip. For instance, on the list, you would have “medicine” and “food.” There are many other items that may be useful on a rigid packing list, such as “camera,” “temporary tattoos,” “personal hygiene products,” and “purses.” If you don’t have a rigid packing list, then it’s very easy to forget items on your list, and you will tend to leave a lot of the “dangers” behind when you travel.

One of the best travel packing tips is to make sure you pack more items than what you think you will need. This rule is easier to follow if you always carry less weight with you than you think you will. One great tip for packing lighter is to only carry things that you’ll need every time you travel. This will prevent you from purchasing heavy items that you’ll only use once or twice. Another great tip for taking light is to buy smaller purses or totes rather than packing your whole back pack. By only packing the heavier items, you will be able to reduce the amount of space that your carry-on bags take up.

Another one of the best travel packing tips is to buy the smaller sizes of your travel clothes and luggage than you think you’ll need. Clothes and shoes should never be bigger than your size, especially if you are using plastic bags. Plastic bags aren’t ideal for long trips, so buying plastic bags that are slightly larger than your size will ensure that you have enough room for all of your traveling clothes and shoes.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to packing light is to don’t over-pack. Too much material can weigh you down, even on a short trip. If you’re packing light, it’s easier for you to determine what things you should bring on your trip. You will also have more room to look around once you get to your destination. These are just a few of the great travel packing tips that you can use to pack light.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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