Top 11 Exciting Things to Do in Atlanta with Kids

Are you looking for kids-friendly activities in Atlanta? Atlanta is a popular home to wildlife, but don’t forget it’s a diverse cosmopolitan southern city with numerous fun elements for the entire family. It’s full of events, attractions, and activities that goes perfectly with the family vacation. As you embark on the best things to do in Atlanta with your kids, you will be drawn to the city’s southern charm.

You will find the magnificence of many museums offering the world best kids-friendly culture and history. Atlanta is among the famous cities of the United States where you can see great pandas and walk through a unique shark tunnel. Children will definitely have a blast at several outdoor amusements including the Giant Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain Park. If you want to give your kids some brain stimulation and are looking for some adventurous activities, then consider an escape room Atlanta; it will have you and your children racking your brains and working as a team to find the best way out! There is a lot to do for families in Atlanta whether you are going for a few days or longer. Check out our list of the 11 best tourist sights and hidden fun prior to your trip.

1 Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is among the world’s largest aquariums providing an underwater vantage point for all tourists who are eager to know about sea otters, beluga whales, and thousands of sea creatures. The site comes with many offerings including exclusive camp programs, volunteer prospects, and birthday gatherings that made it tremendously popular among locals and visitors. Recently, there is an emerging hype about the aquarium’s upcoming expansion which includes a new shark gallery in the coming year. As much as some people would love to have this aquarium on their doorstep it is one of those trips that are worth it for those who love to see the scope of what the world has to offer. This may also give some families the idea of having their own type of aquarium at home (minus the sharks), but they will need to make sure that they are getting everything that they need for their tank, this includes checking out a good aquarium algae magnet cleaner, seeing which foods they will have to get for their fish, and picking up the correct fertilizer for the water plants. There is a lot of work that goes into it but it pays off in the end.

2 Chattahoochee Nature Center

The sites feature several trails and themed gardens that are an absolute treat to eyes. Kids are fond of hands-on exhibitions that tell the story of the river. What you can do more is to make arrangements for a picnic while allowing older kids to hike out and positively use their energy.

3 Ponce Market Rooftop Arcade

This is a family attraction that will surely take you to the new heights of fun. Ponce Market Rooftop Arcade is a must-visit site for kids. Gamers will get into the nostalgia of old-school festival while claiming victory during a round of ring toss. Kids will certainly let out some shrieks and work their way to the top of the Heege Tower during a mini golf game. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds with hotdog or pretzel.

4 LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta

Motivate your kids’ inner designer by taking them to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta. The site includes different rides, a LEGO Racers build, a Duplo village for younger kids, and a 4-D cinema. Isn’t it much fun?

5 Stone Mountain Park

When it comes to things to do in Atlanta, this is one of the most-visited attraction that spread throughout 2,300 acres. It’s a perfect place for younger kids that make the one-mile hike up to the peak of Stone Mountain. Children will love the speedy Swiss cable car, Summit Skyride, and a range of other rides that offer thrilling adventures throughout the season.

6 Shoot the Hooch

As soon as the warm weather hits, the Chattahoochee River is there for you. Give your kids relief from the southern heat and invite them to have a blast with diverse water activities including rafting, canoeing, tubing and a lot more. But don’t bombard the Hooch without refilling at the concession stand when your escapade comes to an end.

7 Adventure Air Sports

The outdoor activities are taken to the next level and thanks to Adventure Air Sports. Children who want to duel it out for winning can give exciting dodgeball and other activities while those with springs in their feet will settle for foam pits and flying trapeze. You may call it a glorified version of vacation and this is something that you kids won’t want to end. May the best competitor win!

8 Center for Puppetry Arts

The Puppetry Arts Collection comes with approximately 200 puppets from around the globe and stays for best performance such as The Cat in the Hat or The Wizard of Oz. The museum entrance gives access to the self-guided trip of iconic Jim Henson marionettes. The best way is to book performance tickets in advance.

9 Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Many people around the globe are captivated by the Children’s Museum of Atlanta that offers many interactive features from science and engineering to creativity. It’s a perfect site for kids under 8 years old exploring Gateway to the World. Take a step ahead towards the new Step Up to Science exhibition that presents biology and robotics. Enjoy the exclusive programs and events that truly make the destination worth it.

10 Atlanta Botanical Garden

Regardless of the season, this Atlanta Botanical Garden is an ideal choice to get some fresh air. Young kids will love the two-acre Children’s Garden, where they can dig up a fossil, walk behind a mesmerizing waterfall and get into a treehouse. Well, it’s even getting better with the upcoming expansion.

11 Zoo Atlanta

This is among the world’s most renowned zoo featuring a giant panda. Atlanta’s zoo presents six pandas. In 2013, Lun Lun gave birth to twin pandas which were born in the United States since 1987. In addition, the zoo has the country’s largest zoological collection of orangutans and gorillas. You will find a kids’ area known as Outback Station that features Australian wildlife and awesome zoo for youngsters.


Atlanta is a beautiful city with diverse cultures and fun especially when it comes to traveling with your kids. It has everything – music, amusement, parks, science, history, waterfalls, and mountains. From creative arts scene to super-awesome sports sites and everything in between, the city has a lot to offer who want to make a visit. Therefore, we came up with this must-see and must-do things with kids in Atlanta. Make sure to keep your kids active and energetic before tackling our checklist of can’t miss locales. Also, don’t forget to visit the popular local and markets and best eateries in Atlanta.

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