Things to Watch Out for When You Get Into Sailing

Sailing is one of those hobbies that can become pretty consuming. It’s addicting in a way. You get out on the water, drift around, and it’s all very tranquil. It’s also not something everyone gets to experience, and that adds a sense of specialness to it. 

However, it’s not all glitz, glamor, and relaxation. It can also consume your bank account if you’re not careful. Of course, it is an expensive hobby, and there are very good reasons things cost what they do, but there are also things that are pushed as must-have items that really aren’t necessary. 

Today, we want to go over a couple of these things that you need to be aware of so you don’t turn an already pricey hobby into a negatively life-changing one. 

1: Over-the-Top Wardrobes

Sailing does often require specialized clothing. You’ll face all kinds of adverse weather conditions that are easy to deal with on land, but difficult to deal with on the water, the water itself can be very dangerous, and of course, you want to be somewhat stylish. 

However, very few people need a complete wardrobe of sailing clothing. You’ll probably stick to one or two types of sailing your entire life. To put it one way, if you’re not a construction worker, would you go out to buy a hard hat and steel-toe boots? Probably not. It’s the same way with sailing. If you have a need for a type of clothing, it’s worth the investment. If you’re just buying it because a sailing magazine listed it in their top-ten general items for sailors you have nothing in common with, it’s a total waste. 

2: Maintaining Image

Sailing can sometimes be a sort of “exclusive” club. The price of a boat alone is enough to make it inaccessible for most. With that comes a certain expectation to “look the part”. That’s not necessary. 

When you’re on the water, the goal of your gear should be to remain functional at all times, and to be reliable when it’s actually needed; not to show off or keep up with whatever the guy down the dock is doing. 

Make sure you focus on getting gear that is going to help you stay safe and enjoy yourself rather than blowing cash to look like you just walked out of an exclusive yacht club. 

3: Trendy Gear

Sailing equipment is a necessity. If you’re not equipped to handle the water, you won’t do well. It’s like hopping into a car with no idea how to drive and no seatbelt. So, you will definitely need to invest in some good gear and a few lessons. 

However, that doesn’t mean every oddball item peddled in advertisements or by other sailors is worth buying. Some things are just luxury items; such as onboard cooking sets. Are you going to be on the water overnight and need a hot meal, or can you survive off a pre-packed sandwich for a four-hour trip?

Enjoy the Hobby and Focus on What Matters

Above all, it all comes down to just focusing on what you need and having fun. If you have the money, and the desire, to spend extra cash on luxury items, that’s perfectly fine. However, don’t feel compelled to bloat your sailing budget for unnecessary reasons.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.