Start the season and sail to Malta!

Soon all sailors will return to their yachts and will be able to explore other parts of the world again. Although the weather is not yet conducive to great expeditions, there are places where the climate allows sailing before the start of the real sailing season. So we don’t have to wait until summer and sunny weather comes, and we can plan the date of the first cruise as early as April or May. However, the question remains – what direction to take at the beginning of the season? We will tell you where to go on a charter flight!


Premature vacation

Who would not like to take a vacation before the holidays? Winter is the time when the weather outside takes all our energy and well-being away. The only and the best solution in this case seems to be escaping – preferably abroad, to places where there is no shortage of sunlight. Choosing a vacation before the peak of the season, we will avoid the crowds of tourists and we will be able to calmly soak up the atmosphere of the places we visit. It remains only to choose a destination and charter a yacht!


Direction: Malta

All avid sailors have long planned their next trips, wondering which direction to choose this time. Malta is an excellent sailing destination, which cannot be denied a wealth of attractions and monuments. The turbulent history and cultural heritage make it an extremely interesting, and sometimes even surprising place. Crystal clear water, cliffs and wild landscapes will delight all sailors here. While in Malta, it’s also worth visiting the fairytale theme park Popeye Village. A must-see destination for Malta is Valletta, which is considered one of the most beautiful European capitals.


Favorable climate

The reason why you should decide to sail towards Malta is its climate. Winter runs there in a gentle and calm way, and the summer period is obtained for a long time. The average temperature is between 11 ° C in winter to about 34 ° C in summer. Importantly, there is no frost or snow.


Attractive location

The Maltese archipelago consists of as many as 6 islands, of which Malta is of course the most popular, as well as the less known Gozo and Comino. The area of this island city-state is 316 km2, and the population is about 400 people. Malta is located in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, and 81 km away from Italy. The constant development of airlines and transport means that reaching the archipelago is not difficult.


Do not wait until summer, just expand your sails and take a yacht to Malta! We guarantee that you will not regret your decision!

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.