Smart Doorbells: The Nest Video Doorbell

The rise of smart technology has revolutionized home safety as Smart Home products are all the rage now. The smart home products catalog includes anything from voice assistants to smart bulbs to even smart doorbells and smart garage door openers.

Now you must be wondering, what are smart doorbells? How can doorbells possibly be smart? Since technology has changed the way we do everything and created an alternative for almost every home product smart doorbells aren’t a thing of the future anymore – they’re here.

Smart Video Doorbells: An Introduction

Smart Video Doorbells are an easy way to prevent package theft from your porch or even just protect you from unwanted individuals at your doorstep. Since these doorbells have a built-in camera, the user is easily able to identify the trespasser and avoid letting them in without having to announce if they are at home or not.

They simply need to look at the video feed and the user can choose whether to respond or not. Additionally, these doorbells also have a speaker built-in that enables two-way audio allowing for users to speak with the person outdoors. They also record video footage for users to playback or access through their smartphones while they are away from home, or unable to answer. In a nutshell, a smart bell combined with a secure door lock (installed by a door handle installation company) is a good combination to defend your home from theft.

Since they are Wi-Fi-enabled, smart doorbells can connect to your smartphones, tablets and laptops – and even with voice assistants if they are compatible. These devices are a step forward in maintaining the level of safety that users require. Out of many home security solutions, smart doorbells can be considered crucial devices used all across the world. Nowadays, smart doorbells, access control doors, alarm systems, high-definition surveillance cameras, and video monitoring apps can be installed to form a robust home security system for your house.

Whether you are a college student, living alone, or want to be extra cautious for the elderly in your family that live alone at home, or just your family as well; since users can access the video footage through their wireless devices, they can alert residents at home whether they are at risk of danger, or inform the relevant authorities if they suspect danger when they aren’t at home or have children home alone.

Other than that, smart video doorbells also have the capability of acting like surveillance cameras that you might have seen on the market. And they offer the same variety of features such as cloud storage of video footage, motion detection, sirens, and connecting with other smart devices.

Some video doorbells come with facial recognition technology that lets the user manually input faces and names for smooth detection of who is at your door. Other features also include color night vision video which enables the device to use infrared LED’s for black and white video during the nighttime. A pre-buffer feature that enables the user to see what is happening in the surroundings prior to the doorbell being pressed or the motion sensor being triggered is also available.

Users also need to decide whether they prefer a doorbell that is battery-powered (i.e wireless) or a device that is wired. A wireless doorbell compared to a wired one seems like a smart decision, since it runs on batteries and doesn’t require any rigorous installation process. However, there are cons to a wireless doorbell as well, since the batteries can deplete quickly and may require to be changed almost every 6 months depending on the usage.

The Google Nest Doorbell is one of the best video doorbells out there on the market, and comes in two variations depending on your preference!

Google Nest Doorbell – Battery Powered

The Google Nest Battery Powered doorbell is a video doorbell launched by Google as part of its smart home product line. With the Google Nest Doorbell, users have access to a maximum field of view from their doors. This enables the camera to capture video feed of individuals visible from head to toe, as well as any boxes or packages on the ground. Since there is a huge occurrence of shipments being stolen from doorsteps, this feature on the Nest Doorbell can help users identify the perpetrators and inform the relevant authorities.

The Nest doorbell uses artificial intelligence that enables the device to differentiate between people, different kinds of packages as well as animals and vehicles. The Nest Doorbell also has the added feature of pre-recorded messages, such that when a package is delivered, the doorbell can simply use the recording you’ve set for package deliveries.

The Google Nest Doorbell has facial recognition and motion detection features. Motion detection helps the doorbell in differentiating between objects, such as trees and packages, and between animals and vehicles from human beings. But the Google Nest goes one step further and adds the feature of being able to recognize individuals through their faces, hence called facial recognition. The user can simply input faces and names through the mobile app, and the doorbell can notify the user of exactly who is at the door.

Additionally, since this device is battery-powered, it doesn’t require any rigorous installation compared to wired devices so it can easily be installed! The wired alternative of the Google Nest Doorbell includes all the features, just as is of the battery-operated variant – only that it is a little technical when it comes to installation.

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