Preparing to R&R Like a Boss & Getting the Most out of Your Time Away

Taking time off lets you return to your workplace refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated. After all, you are going to actually have taken time off work, instead of simply being out of the office, for the first time in a very long time. When it is finally time to return to work after your holiday, you can jump right into your managed workload.

Unfortunately, nightmares of coming back to work after a vacation can be enough to fill up your holiday dread. If you are up for the challenge of going, my wager is you will return to the office feeling energized and productive, unlike you did after any prior holiday.

If you are willing to risk it and keep work in-house for one week of vacation, I bet you will find that your people are able to somehow handle you being away, and they still get things done.

We hope with these quick tips on choosing your travel destinations, you will get a better sense of what you want to experience during your travels. Thinking about the type of experiences you want can help you pick out destinations you are truly going to love, like how hitting up Oyster Yachts naturally suggests you’re looking to experience higher-end travel.

If you are traveling with a spouse, for instance, think about destinations that offer activities that both of you will enjoy. If you are going on a family vacation, you would pick an entirely different destination than a romantic break with your partner.

Whether you prefer beach holidays, you want to do some shopping, you want to see a few sights, or spend some time in the outdoors, those preferences will influence your decisions on the destination. Other preferences might include attending a particular festival or taking part in a cooking class, which all have an influence on your travel destination choices. The time of year and length of time you are traveling will impact your budget and choice of a travel destination. It is important that you know your budget for the coming trip, so that you can evaluate the options you have regarding your trip time and accommodations.

If you are only going away for a week, you will not want to drive for more than one day to reach your destination. If you can afford to travel longer than two weeks, going to a far-flung destination could change your life. If you have no fixed return date, it is possible to make a longer trip, even if there is no ticket home.

If holidays are falling in this week, you could cram in nine days of travel with only four days off. Between your first and second weekends, and the five days off, you could have nine days of travel. Whether it is the Easter weekend in the Caribbean or Christmas holidays in Canada, you will add at least 2-3 days of travel time simply due to the holidays. If you can manage the extra days, then schedule your vacations around holidays.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.