Mini Vacation Plans For Back To School Getaways

There’s no need to give up on your travel adventures just because the kids are back in school. Some of the most affordable vacation packages are offered in the months of September and October, and the prices can get beautifully ridiculous.

Traveling during the slow season is also great because there are not as many people. The crowds are few and far between, and there are still plenty of warmer destinations to visit for fun in the sun. Check out a quick look at some of the best mini-vacation destinations for your next back to school getaway.

Take a tropical cruise

Take a Carnival Cruise ship to a tropical destination for as little as half the peak season prices. The kids can miss a couple days of school for a Carnival Cruise trip. Start the weekend early, and enjoy the variety of activities provide onboard and off of the ship.

The kids can spend their time enjoying the WaterWorks onboard waterpark, while the parents enjoy the adults-only Serenity onboard retreat. There’s plenty to entertain the whole family on a Carnival Cruise ship.

Plan an educational excursion

Plan a weekend road trip for “educational” purposes to Williamsburg, Virginia. Brush up on your road safety knowledge, in case of emergency. Pack up the kids, and find your way to Virginia’s Historic Triangle.

Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown create the triangle, and your family can explore modern replicas of historical ships that landed in Jamestown. You can also take a guided segway tour through the streets of Yorktown to learn a bit more about the area. When you decide to take a tour, we recommend you prefer a bike ride like the ones available at UTV Rentals West Virginia. This way you can explore more places in comparatively less time.

Visit the Magic Kingdom

There’s never a time when your kids will say no to a trip to Disney World in Orlando, especially if it means they get to miss a day or two of school. Now that school is back in session, Disney offers special price packages for families looking to sneak in that one last mini-vacation.

Get a taste of the South’s charm

Charleston, South Carolina is not only a beautiful beach destination, but Fall brings color to the area. Southern hospitality extends to the dining tables in Charleston, so don’t miss out on the local eateries. Even when tourism is down, the food never stops tasting good.

Plan a family camping trip

Fall is the best time to take the family camping. The weather is cooling off just enough to have fun without melting. Take the kids on a weekend camping trip in a nearby national park or reserve for the most opened experience with the natural elements of the area.

Tennessee, The Carolinas, Georgia, and Kentucky are all hosts to some of the most beautiful Fall camping weather you could imagine. Research the best places to camp in these states, and start packing today.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.