How to Properly Clean Serviced Accommodation Before You Leave

Serviced accommodations are like hotels; if every visitor got the penthouse suite with all the space and accommodations they enjoy at home. They’re luxurious ways to get away from the day-to-day grind of life, and if you’re traveling, there’s no better place to wind down after a day of tourism.

However, they are luxury establishments, and they certainly can’t be treated like a cheap, by-the-hour, hotel with rundown beds and questionable stains on the furniture. No, the owners of these abodes expect a certain standard of cleanliness from their guests. Some owners even perform regular management checks for long-term guests to ensure their property isn’t being destroyed.

So, how do you maintain the expected cleanliness standard and pick the place up a bit before you checkout?

It’s a lot easier than you think, and some add-on services can help.

Tidy Up

First, it’s good practice to leave a place nice and tidy. When you stay in a hotel, it might be commonplace to leave the mess and trash all over the place while the hotel staff tidy it up using their cleaning systems (pop over to this page to learn more), but that simply won’t do in a luxury serviced accommodation.

When you stay in a hotel, it might be commonplace to leave the mess and trash all over the place while the hotel staff tidy it up using their cleaning systems, but that is not acceptable when you stay in a luxury serviced accommodation..

Before you leave, go around the apartment and pick up any trash you may have left, clean any spills or crumbs, and make sure you place everything that came with the room in the proper location. Deep cleaning isn’t necessary, but the apartment shouldn’t look as if two toddlers stormed through it on a sugar rush.

Make the Beds

Just like the tidying up phase, the goal here is to leave things as you found them. Take the time to neatly make the beds you and your fellow guests slept on, use the provided laundry facilities to clean any soiled linens, and do your best to make it look as if you didn’t just roll out of bed and toss everything on the floor.

Wash Your Dishes and Appliances

Washing the dishes from the night or morning before your checkout time is important. Think about it. You’re in a luxury environment designed to feel like home. You wouldn’t leave your home with piles of dirty dishes in the sink, or a big, red stain on the stove from the previous night’s lasagna dinner. Again, deep cleaning the oven and scrubbing everything all day isn’t necessary, but don’t leave the appliances in a disheveled state, and clean up any dishes you may have used.

Take out the Trash

Serviced accommodations are different from hotels. They’re apartments inside gates societies and they have proper trash disposal facilities — you may find dumpster rental bins inside the gated societies. As a sign of good faith and common courtesy, make sure to take the trash out to the proper location before you leave. Leaving a bin overflowing with food waste and trash isn’t the best look.

Pay for Maid Services

Luxury serviced accommodations offer maid services at an extra price. This may increase your bill slightly, but it makes maintaining your living area a breeze and lets you explore the local area without being worn out from cleaning, and it will ensure that you leave the accommodation sparkling clean without putting in the effort. However, if you make a big mess in the serviced apartment, like ruining a carpet and staining it, just maid services might not suffice; you’d have to go for specialised Carpet Cleaning in that situation, or a similar professional, depending on the mess made.

These add-on services can vary from business to business. So, make sure to speak to a representative while booking your stay to ensure you know what all is covered and what isn’t.

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